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Behind the Blue Blob

Birthday | In 1985, spirit squad coordinator Sally Watson designed the Blob when she realized that the Musketeer scared little children. And let’s be real, a man with a giant head and handlebar mustache wielding a sword is kind of scary, even for adults.

Cost | The shoes, which are separate from the costume, wear out fast. Like, really fast. While the main body of the Blob has been replaced twice since its birth (at a hefty price tag of $3,500), the size 11 shoes need to be replaced every year.

Cameos | The Blob’s claim to fame was starring alongside NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly in an ESPN commercial. The Blob won Kelly’s Hall of Fame blazer in a game of rock, paper, scissors—and then ate it.

Tongue | Although the Blob doesn’t talk, it puts its mouth to good use. At 22 inches, the Blob’s tongue hangs out inside its mouth until the person uses his or her arm to operate it, licking children and fans. The Blob has acquired a taste for crackers and ticket stubs.

Behind Blue Eyes | There are three to five Xavier students who don the Blob costume for sporting events, festivals and parties throughout the year. The students rotate jobs based on availability and skill. Candidates are required to perform a one-minute skit in front of the cheer squad to prove their mascot-ability.

Size Limits | Since the Blob costume is smaller than the D’Artagnan costume, mascot candidates must be 5 foot, 7 inches or shorter.

Taking the Heat | The temperature in the costume gets so hot that the person inside carries a Camelback water bag to rehydrate.

Dissection | A hardhat is glued to a half dome of plastic, which forms the Blob’s head. The hardhat has no padding, so students must wear a towel on their head to absorb the weight. The eyes are mesh so the wearer can see out.

Home | When the costume isn’t in use, it’s stored in a closet in the auxiliary gym along with D’Artagnan, extra basketballs, cones and scrimmage jerseys.

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