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Beer and a Bible Mixer

On a business trip to Atlanta, Margaret Brecount went to the Three Dollar Cafe for a beer. Nearly 500 other young adults were there for the same reason, but they were also riveted by a discussion with a Catholic priest on contraception. Amazed, she listened, and discovered it was a program at the bar called Theology on Tap. She later discussed the program with her husband David, a 1995 graduate, and they decided to start their own Theology on Tap program in Cincinnati. For the last three years, they’ve held programs at the Mount Adams Bookstore and Cafe for eight Thursday evenings every spring. The program draws about 100 people weekly. One of the most popular speakers last year was Cincinnati Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk, who sat in a chair with a micro-phone and hosted an open question-and-answer session. Originating in Chicago in 1980, the concept has spread across the country—and is still spreading. Former Xavier Jesuit Matt Gamber is starting one at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash., where he now lives. “It’s really spreading as a way to bring the Gospel to people where they’re at,” says Gamber. “It’s really opposite of what people think. When you think of bars, you think of superficial small talk, but Theology on Tap talks about something with more substance.”

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