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And One For All

More than a Musketeer’s motto, the University kicks off the All For One Club this fall, establishing the official support club of the department of athletics.

Donations from club members benefit all 15 intercollegiate sports, most of which don’t generate enough revenue to be self-supporting. Dan Cloran, director for annual fund and athletic giving, says donations from the club offset operating costs for teams, fund tournaments, provide for better and safer travel, and allow for more effective recruiting, to name a few.

One important goal is to enable each team to have a full-time coach; currently only one-third of the University’s head coaches are full-time.

The kickoff event—the all-sports preview night—is at the Cintas Center on Sept. 16 from 7:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m. and open to all fans who want to hear about the future of Xavier athletics. For more details on the club, or contact Cloran at 513 745-1031 or if (history.length > 0) document.write(“Previous Page“);

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