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Alumni Profile: Justice for All

Megan Connolly

Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice, 2009
Attorney, Lowe Eklund Wakefield
Cleveland, Ohio

Uncommon Lawyer | Meghan Connolly loves to fight for the underdog—even when it’s herself. Imagine entering law school in 2009, when only 65 percent of graduates were finding jobs as lawyers. Additionally, Connolly’s chosen career as a personal injury attorney at Lowe Eklund Wakefield Co., LPA , a law firm in Cleveland has meant pushing against the image of ambulance-chasing lawyers and anti-plaintiff legislation. But she’s always been up for a challenge.

Making Her Case | “There’s a stigma attached to personal injury law, but we’re fighting the good fight. We’re helping deserving victims who’ve been tragically injured by negligent and reckless conduct. We pour our lives into these cases.”

A Good Argument |
“I don’t have any lawyers in my family. My dad plays the viola in the Cleveland Orchestra. My parents both say they could see me as an attorney: ‘You were so good arguing with us, maybe you should try to get paid for it.’ Research and writing are central to the law, two things I’ve always been good at. The first impression the court has of an attorney is through their writing.”

The X Factor | “I was a transfer student. I did my first year at East Tennessee State University with a volleyball scholarship. When that didn’t work out, I transferred to Xavier. I signed up for a course in constitutional law and it was the most interesting class I took. And that’s when I started thinking, ‘Maybe I want to go to law school.’”

Ex Post Facto | “I think a lot of people would be surprised how much reading, writing and of research we do. Good writing goes a long way. Anymore, ‘legalese’ is considered old school. What most judges prefer now is to be concise, straight forward, and to tell the truth. Plus the writing-intensive liberal arts education at Xavier gave me an advantage.”

Law School of Hard Knocks | “I remember being accepted and being really excited. When I got to school, some professors  started telling us, ‘It’s bad out there, guys, there aren’t enough jobs for everyone.’ Fortunately, I started clerking at the firm I’m working for now while I was still in law school. And the partners I work for have such a great passion for representing their clients. I identified ethically  and morally with this side of the law.”

Jesuit Jurisprudence | “It’s a very moving experience to meet a client who has suffered a tragic injury or who has lost a loved one through the negligence of someone else and then begin to advocate for them and do everything you can for a just result. I think the Jesuit mission absolutely lines up with those efforts.”

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