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Alumni in Action

The Cincinnati chapter has often planned its fall event at a local winery but decided that a change of venue was in order to attract a wider audience. So the chapter abandoned wine and opted for its frothy distant cousin. After some discussion, organizers tapped the Hofbräuhaus, a German beer garden in Newport, Ky., that resembles the Munich original. “The Hofbräuhaus fit well with Cincinnati’s German heritage, and based upon the round of applause, it appeared to be a good selection,” says 1982 graduate Doug Subotnik, one of the event’s organizers.

In a private room, approximately 90 attendees snacked on German pretzels followed by two types of schnitzel, brats, metts, sauerkraut and Bavarian cream puffs, washing it down with—what else—an assortment of brews. After dinner, the chapter raffled off Xavier memorabilia and most stayed for the entire four-hour event, although it’s hard to say how many straggled over to the bar area afterward.

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