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Sacred Handshake

Being Speaker of the House has had its ups and downs for alumnus John Boehner, Class of 1977. But sometimes it can have its bright spots, like when he not only successfully arranged for Pope Francis to travel to Washington, D.C., and address the U.S. Congress, but when he got to meet with the pontiff one-on-one and shake his hand. Boehner made waves when, one day after the private meeting between the two leaders, he announced he was stepping down as Speaker and resigning his seat in Congress. The New York Times reported that Pope Francis asked Boehner to pray for him.

Brewing Up Fun

photoThe Cincinnati Chapter of the National Alumni Association has been busy this year welcoming alumni to events both on and off campus. The chapter’s message is: We’re alive and thriving! “We want people to always feel like part of the Xavier family,” says former president Shannon Cassidy-Cox, now the associate director for the Annual Fund. “Now is the time to remember the good times and create new fabulous memories.” More events like the Alumni Happy Hour at Mad Tree Brewery, left, are being planned. Visit to find events locally and across the U.S.

West Coast Blobs

LA-BLOB-Renos-Pizzeria-MusketeersThere are a lot of Xavier alumni in Los Angeles—enough to field a softball team. Since 2013, Reno’s Pizzeria has sponsored the LA Muskies, even paying for the true blue jerseys that sport the Blue Blob on the sleeve for that warm and fuzzy Muskies feeling. Players and their years include: Megan Askew (‘11), Ray O’Brien (‘08), Matt Robinson (‘09), Jason Gray (‘11), Matt Ackels (‘11), Tai Piazza (‘09), RJ Thieneman (‘09), Claire O’Connor (‘11).

In the Footsteps of Francis

ALUM-ASSISI-PICThis year’s Assisi trip participants paused for a group photo at Rocca Maggiore, one of the stops on the annual tour of the spiritual places that were key to the life of St. Francis. The trip is led by theology Professor Gillian Ahlgren of the Institute for Spirituality & Social Justice and is offered to graduate and undergraduate students for credit and to alumni and others seeking greater knowledge of Francis and his spiritual journey.

Club Edge

MOM'S-CLUBIt has been said that if you haven’t learned the true meaning of friendship, you’ve learned nothing at all. A group of Edgecliff alumnae have not only learned, but are teaching us all what friendship really is. Since graduating in 1975, the group—Vicki Wesh Faller, Linda Siles Larsen, Ann Zeno McMackin, Maureen Quinn Stoy, Mary Luken Langenbrunner, Pat Foertsch Hubert, Mary Jo Sanker Horton, Susan Schuttle Haushalter, Marie Dattilo Cioffi, Diane Schehl Malloni and Mary Weiss—have met once a month for what they call “The Club.”

Though some of these women attended high school together, their friendship blossomed while attending Edgecliff College. Over the last 40 years, they’ve done more than keep in touch. They’ve become an “extended family.” They’ve been through marriages, children (29 total), divorces, grandchildren and even deaths, losing members Diane Malloni and Mary Weiss. From dinners to trips, hiking the Appalachian Trail and walking the half-pig marathon, they have seemingly done it all together. “We are extremely blessed and fortunate,” says Hubert. “It takes effort on everyone’s part to be a friend and communicate.” The result of that work, they all agree, is a lesson well-learned.

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