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Almamatters: Art at the Agora

The work of New York artist Brigid McGivern, a 2005 Xavier art graduate, was featured at the Agora Gallery of contemporary fine art in the heart of Chelsea’s fine art district in New York City in March.

One of six artists included in the Agora’s Essence of Abstraction exhibition, McGivern’s work is inspired by images of human beings in their environment.

Believing that people can all relate on a common level, McGivern begins each piece by first drawing something organic, forming images based on her photographs, and then works to transform seemingly separate components into art that touches the viewer.

Her goal is to create pieces that viewers can relate to, “unique works that combine artistic stimulation with the portrayal of the essential beauty and mystery of life,” she says.

“In my work I reflect the human spirit and journey, and the constant movement and color changes of my work represent, for me, the nature of life in general.”

She credits Xavier Professor of Art Suzanne Chouteau for inspiring her work as an abstract artist. Her work was displayed from March 6-March 26 but can be viewed online at and

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