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J.R. Bauer Jr. left his son his class ring from Xavier. It just took 50 years of Texas elements and a 10-year-old boy playing in the dirt for it to materialize.

Earlier this year, the National Alumni Association received an e-mail from a woman in Texas who said her 10-year-old-grandson found a ring in a park. It had a blue stone, an ‘X’ on one side, a 1956 emblem on the other and the initials JRB inside.

“Using the class year and initials, we narrowed it down to one gentlemen who would be the original owner of the ring,” says Trinity Lamping, an alumni association assistant. “So I took a stab and contacted the one person we found with the name J.R. Bauer III, and, sure enough, it was his father’s ring. His dad was the 1956 graduate, but his dad had been dead for 10 years.”

This marks the sixth time in six years a long-lost Xavier ring has been reunited with its owner or family. Two other class rings—one from Xavier’s Class of 1984 and another from Edgecliff Class of 1959—have been found by people, but no owners have been located.

As for the most recent ring, it is now in the safe possession of his son, J.R. Bauer III, and his family in their hometown of Prospect, Ky., which created yet another mystery. How did it end up in Texas? The only explanation that would link the ring to Texas, says the younger Bauer, is his father’s military stay in Fort Hood, Texas, upon graduating in 1956.

No matter, the family’s more interested in its memories than its mysteries.

“Because Xavier took such an interest in the ring and Daddy is no longer with us, this ring is all the more special,” says the younger Bauer. “And we are amazed by the story and honesty of the finders.”


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