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A Missionary’s Mission

Kevin Geiss has found the intersection that many people spend their lives searching for—that crossroad where his faith and work come together. Earlier this year, the 2005 sport management graduate became a missionary for Athletes in Action (AIA), an initiative that develops Christ-centered athletes to be a positive influence in their local and global communities. It is, he says, the perfect mix.

“I’m seeing success now in that God is more concerned with our response to the opportunities He puts in our path,” he says. “All too often, the focus on athletes is on their physical abilities, while social, mental and spiritual characteristics are neglected. My job is to develop athletes into that better influence through spiritual growth.”

At his previous job—handling sales and events for the minor league Mahoning Valley Scrappers baseball team in Niles, Ohio—Geiss organized “faith nights” and Christian concerts after games. When the opportunity arose to put athletes in touch with their faith, though, he jumped at the chance, forfeiting a more comfortable and regular salary and lifestyle.

“With the Scrappers, I was paid by salary. With AIA, I’m a missionary,” he says. “Right now I have to focus my efforts toward getting support partners to cover my salary and ministry expenses, so I’m in the waiting game.”

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