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A Giving Group

You don’t have to be a grad to love Xavier. Just ask Dr. Robert Osher. An internationally renowned cataract surgeon, founder of the Cincinnati Eye Institute and driving editorial force behind the world’s first video medical journal, Osher claims 28 international education awards and more than a dozen surgical techniques. He lectures around the world and has coached 60 youth sports teams, winning seven state championship. He’s also a big Musketeer fan and a long-time supporter of the University’s athletic programs.

But when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer four years ago, he found another way to give. He gathered his five children to help him remember the stories he made up for them when they were small, and began committing the tales to paper. The end result was seven children’s books—of which he gives 100 percent of the proceeds to various organizations he believes in, including the University.

“Xavier really has a wonderful set of priorities in terms of recruiting not only competitive athletes but really good kids,” he says. “Their whole philosophy embodies what the spirit of competitive sports is all about.

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