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A Dream Discovered

Regina Koehler could imagine her dream job. She just couldn’t reach it. The 1984 graduate long dreamed of working as a spokesperson for a state agency, but each time she applied, the job went to someone on the inside. So Koehler adopted a circular strategy. She took a clerk’s job with the Ohio Supreme Court. After several years of reviewing legal filings, she moved on to set the docket for upcoming cases. Neither of these jobs was exactly what she had in mind, but they left her more than prepared when her dream position finally opened in the high court’s public information office four years ago.

Now the insider she always lost out to, Koehler applied for the job and got it. For two years, she was the point person who summarized the court’s rulings and answered questions for the press. It was rewarding—if demanding—work. But along the way, Koehler’s dream shifted. She gradually found herself growing less excited about on-camera face time and more excited about helping turn out graphic designs for some of the court’s special projects. So she stepped away from the microphone, studied some new computer software and now spends her time making the court look good. Her current projects include helping create a new brand identity for the court.

The lesson, Koehler says, is that “you never know what God has in store for you, and you can’t despair about where you are because you don’t know where it’s taking you. Be open to the signs you see and feel and don’t be afraid to alter your course; you are feeling those tugs for a reason.”

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