Winter 2007

School Days

January 1, 2007 |

The voices of school children playing outside drift in through Jim Boothe’s office window. The tinkling laughter and chatter from the adjacent Montessori school serve as a lighthearted backdrop for the serious work he does as chairman of Xavier’s department … Read More

Worldly Education

January 1, 2007 |

Matt McGrath knew he wanted to leave the country as soon as he graduated from college, so in 1996 he became certified to teach English overseas and landed a job in Surabaya, Indonesia. His first experience living abroad proved both … Read More

Who’s your Search Daddy?

January 1, 2007 |

Quick. What are the 12 most important words in your business? If you don’t know, you may be losing sales you didn’t know you had. Well, Paul Darwish knows just what to do. The 1987 graduate with a Harvard M.B.A. … Read More

Team Jesuit

January 1, 2007 |

John McGruder didn’t want to just watch men’s basketball games or attend Mass for an hour on Communion Sunday; he wanted to do something. The retired 1968 graduate thought of a new way to unite fellow Florida alumni—and it only required a … Read More

Superior Talk

January 1, 2007 |

To help the University celebrate its 175th anniversary, Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J., superior general of the Society of Jesus, visited campus on Oct. 3. After flying in from Brazil, he gave a talk on “The Service of Faith in a Religiously … Read More

Serving up the Works

January 1, 2007 |

Scott Gordon and his wife, Jamie, were walking down the Loveland Bike Trail in suburban Cincinnati four years ago when they passed the old Loveland waterworks building. Built in 1905, the red brick structure with a belfry on top was … Read More

Rookwood Pottery

January 1, 2007 |

About 10 years ago, railroad buff Patrick Rose went looking for a rare set of Rookwood Pottery bookends that were modeled after Cincinnati’s Union Terminal. Along the way, the 1986 graduate discovered something even more valuable—that Rookwood’s assets, which had … Read More

Plethora of Praise

January 1, 2007 |

The University continues earning acclaim from outside publications. In the last few months:

The Williams College of Business was once again named an outstanding business school by The Princeton Reviewin its 2007 edition of “Best 282 Business Schools.”

The Williams College … Read More

Outside the Box

January 1, 2007 |

The refrigerators of the 1950s were an improvement over the ice box—but not by much. If they weren’t so cold that layers of frost covered the inside, then they were so hot their motors burned out. Enter John J. O’Connell, … Read More

Mr. Muskie

January 1, 2007 |

When posters first went up advertising the inaugural male beauty pageant, no one knew what to expect. Students were relieved, however, to find that the aptly named “Mr. Muskie” was, in fact, a mockery of conventional pageants.

Well-dressed gentlemen strutted … Read More