Winter 2006

Class Time

January 1, 2006 |

On Oct. 14, 1840, 13-year-old Joseph Musick stood in line to enroll at St. Xavier College in Cincinnati. The College had been in business for nine years, but Musick was the first to register since its renovation and reopening by … Read More

Xavier Faces

January 1, 2006 |

Cyril Whitaker, S.J.  Classics After teaching 22 years in the Cincinnati area, Whitaker changed careers and became a Jesuit. He then resumed his teaching career at Xavier, leading courses in Latin, Greek and philosophy in the classics program. He earned … Read More

Weathering the Holidays

January 1, 2006 |

W. Michael Nelson III, a professor in the department of psychology, discusses tension during the holidays and how to overcome it.

Why do you think that holidays bring out hostility and stress in people? Are some people more susceptible to … Read More

Stem Cell

January 1, 2006 |

Robert Baumiller, S.J., a professor in the department of philosophy, discusses stem cells and their impact and controversy.

What are the potential uses of stem cells and what scientific breakthroughs have resulted from them? Stem cells hold the possibility of restoring … Read More

The Real American Hero

January 1, 2006 |

David Vennemeyer, an artillery commander from Victoria, Texas, is an ex-wrestler with a fast temper. And, according to his military file, he can “single-handedly mow down a squadron and keep on going without breaking a sweat.” Of course, he only … Read More

The Main Event

January 1, 2006 |

Alumni now have a place to call their own. In September, the University completed the Surkamp Family Welcome Center located inside the Alumni Center on Dana Avenue. The glass-enclosed center acts as a hub for visiting alumni and dignitaries, and … Read More

The Great Debate

January 1, 2006 |

The questions began rattling around in Tarek Kamil’s mind as a 14-year-old: “What if Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan was able to go head-to-head with Hall of Fame slugger Babe Ruth? How would they stack up? Would the end … Read More

The Art of Friendship

January 1, 2006 |

Russell Goings loves to share the art and memory of his friend, renowned American artist Romare Bearden. So in the fall, Goings, a 1959 graduate, brought “The Unseen Romare Bearden,” an exhibit of 94 works in a variety of media, … Read More

Sweet Rewards

January 1, 2006 |

Five years ago, Maria Fisher entered two cakes into the Kentucky State Fair and won second place for her amaretto buttercream chocolate cake. Since then, the Louisville resident and 1993 graduate has won ribbons at the fair each year for … Read More

South Hall

January 1, 2006 |

To accommodate the influx of servicemen on the G.I. Bill in the fall of 1946, the University constructed military barracks on campus. Most of the barracks were used to house students. Two of the structures, known as North Hall and … Read More