Winter 2003

In Search of

January 1, 2003 |

The University is in the beginning stages of a yearlong search for a new dean for the Williams College of Business.

The college is the most publicly prominent of the University’s three colleges, and the new dean will need to … Read More

Cable Repairs

January 1, 2003 |

The most annoying thing about making long distance phone calls—other than getting the bill at the end of the month—is the occasional bout of static or bad connection that comes across the line, turning a conversation into an ordeal instead … Read More

Xavier Faces

January 1, 2003 |

Jonathan Tan Theology. Tan is the first Asian to join Xavier’s theology department. He specializes in East Asian religions, interreligious dialogue and religious pluralism. His wife, Van Pham, is a visiting professor. Born in Malaysia, Tan moved to Singapore, where he … Read More

Weird Science

January 1, 2003 |

What’s round and gray and weighs about two tons? An elephant, right? Well, yes, but so does a pig—a radioactive shielding pig, that is.

Sitting in a corner of a fourth-floor laboratory in Logan Hall is a hefty cylindrical container … Read More

Wedding Band

January 1, 2003 |

The Xavier bands of the late 1980s made great music—in more ways than one. Sparks flew among the musicians whenever they got together, and half of them ended up, um, getting together. In the course of four years, 12 couples … Read More

Tissue Bank

January 1, 2003 |

The world of human tissue is more than skin deep. Just ask Edward Robb, a 1984 M.B.A. graduate and the director of the Ohio Valley Tissue and Skin Center. Or Dr. Glenn Warden, a 1999 executive M.B.A. graduate who is … Read More

The Main Event

January 1, 2003 |

Several hundred alumni from around the country were back on campus during November to take part in the homecoming 2002 celebration. This year’s theme was “Let the good times roll,” and roll they did, especially during the Saturday night dance. … Read More

The Lob and the Blob

January 1, 2003 |

Theo Nelson is rich. The Cincinnati native’s midcourt basket during halftime of last year’s Crosstown Shootout was worth a cool million. But it turns out he’s not the only one taking the benefits of that shot to the bank.

Nelson’s … Read More

Tasteful Job

January 1, 2003 |

Why would a college student blend a couple of crates of strawberries with a vat of water? Not for the mother of all daiquiris, surprisingly, but for scientific research. Jessica Stumin used the mixture, known as a slurry, for her … Read More

Take Two

January 1, 2003 |

In the summer 2002 issue of Xavier magazine, we recounted the story of former football standout Walter Mainer who took in the three children of his slain daughter, Cheryl Dawson. A fund was set up to pay for the children’s … Read More