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Bind Ambition

October 1, 2001 |

Vicky Weaver Prahin’s classroom is the world. Each day, she sits behind her home computer and teaches Latin and English to students around the globe—China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Africa. With the different cultures and different beliefs, it’s a massive undertaking.Read More


July 1, 2001 |

Any married couple with children will tell you that once kids come along, life becomes much more complicated. Less time is devoted to nurturing the marriage as more time is devoted to raising the children. However, according to Xavier graduate … Read More

Weekend Degree Graduate Fulfills Personal Goal

July 1, 2001 |

When he began classes at Xavier, Robert Limoseth set a unique goal for himself—he wanted to graduate with a better GPA than his daughter had when she graduated college. Not only did Limoseth achieve this goal when he graduated summa … Read More

President and Police

July 1, 2001 |

Xavier University President Michael J. Graham, S.J., gave the keynote address to the 90th graduating class of the Cincinnati Police Academy on Friday, June 16. In the address, given at the Masonic Temple in downtown Cincinnati, Graham encouraged the 29 … Read More

Flying with NASA

July 1, 2001 |

Ann Thompson, a producer at the WVXU 91.7 FM, will be accompanying a team of University of Cincinnati students to NASA headquarters in Houston, Texas on Aug. 9 to document their participation in the “NASA Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities … Read More

Father Hoff Says Goodbye

July 1, 2000 |

From Xavier magazine, Fall 2000 By James E. Hoff, S.J.

My final months as president will be a marvelous opportunity to thank many people for their great contributions to the University. As I reflect on my years at Xavier, I become more … Read More