Summer 2012

Coming Clean

July 1, 2012 |

John Young saw the writing on the wall. It hung before him, white letters on a Xavier blue sign: “Please Help Keep South Hall Clean.”

The words graced the interior of South Hall, the ubiquitous military-barracks-turned-student-center that the University erected … Read More

Buddies in Botswana

July 1, 2012 |

Kathy Gallagher is the consummate teacher. Everything is a teaching moment.

Take, for instance, when she learned Joel Doucette, one of her daughter’s Xavier classmates, was going to southern Africa on a two-year Peace Corps assignment. She decided he would … Read More

Behind the Wall

July 1, 2012 |

Brandt Bernat took notice when he got an email in March 2010. It was forwarded from Xavier’s club volleyball president Mike Czopek. The return address: prison.

Neither student had received a letter from a prison before. The email was a … Read More

Holi Days

July 1, 2012 |

Each year Hindus celebrate the seasonal turning from winter to spring with the festival of Holi, a jubilant combination of horseplay and body painting. Xavier’s Center for Interfaith Community Engagement brought the fun-filled, boisterous festival to campus in April. With … Read More

Behind the Political Screen

July 1, 2012 |

UPDATE April 14, 2015: In 2006, Betsy Hoover graduated with a degree from Xavier’s newest honors program—Philosophy, Politics and the Public. It had been official for only two years, but Hoover was able to adapt her schedule of courses and … Read More

The Last Casualty

July 1, 2012 |

A frigid, gloomy drizzle permeates the air as dawn begins to break through the trees of the Argonne Forest in northeastern France. Pvt. George Budde and his fellow Marines of 17th Company slop their way through the mud along the western … Read More