Summer 2007

Trip Worldwide

July 1, 2007 |

While his family sleeps, Trip O’Dell places a call from his Milwaukee home to a 3-D artist in New Zealand. Another night he interfaces with a company in India that does 3-D modeling.


As the creative director of Nogginaut, … Read More

The Way It Was: 1940

July 1, 2007 |

When they weren’t on the field, the court or the mound, Xavier athletes could be found socializing with one another through the Varsity “X” Club. Membership was limited to students who had earned a letter in an intercollegiate sport, which … Read More

The Right Turn

July 1, 2007 |

James R. Weber watched the news reports of Hurricane Katrina and knew he had to do something. Weber, a dentist and 1970 graduate, has a long history of volunteerism. So the question wasn’t “What if?” but “How?” The federal government … Read More

The Good Fight

July 1, 2007 |

God needed a fighter. So he called Tom McCarthy.


Six years ago, McCarthy was living a good life. The 1994 graduate just bought a house, was taking M.B.A. classes and working at an annuities job at Union Central Life … Read More

The Black Belt

July 1, 2007 |

When Ali Malekzadeh became dean of the Williams College of Business four years ago, he was, in a sense, closing a large circle. Although Malekzadeh studied and worked at universities across the United States, his educational roots lie in Jesuit … Read More

Teaching in the Trenches

July 1, 2007 |

At the bottom of Mike Moroski’s stairwell hangs a picture, which the 2001 graduate passes every morning on his way to teach at Moeller High School in Cincinnati. Taken last fall, it depicts the opening reception for a building in … Read More

Something to Cheer About

July 1, 2007 |

Cincinnati Reds fans know exactly what to do when “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” plays during the seventh-inning stretch. They stand and sway to the old-time melody.


But “Cotton-Eyed Joe” leaves most of them non-plused. These days, however, … Read More

Renaissance Man

July 1, 2007 |

Jim Poehlmann may not be a familiar face, but virtually everyone at Xavier knows his work. As a printing services assistant—and the University’s one and only pressman—Poehlmann has a hand in producing most of the printed material done on campus, … Read More

Profiting from Purses

July 1, 2007 |

One of Lissa Knue’s newest possessions is a purse made of banana leaves. It reminds her of the day she was walking with one of her new African friends, a middle-aged woman from the village of Arusha in Tanzania, on … Read More

On the Set

July 1, 2007 |

When Dudley Arbaugh graduated in 2005 with a degree in entrepreneurship, the last thing he envisioned was fetching James Gandolfini a piece of cheesecake from a local deli while on the set of “The Sopranos.” However, that’s exactly what happened.Read More