Summer 2006

By the Numbers

July 2, 2006 |

Perry Wiggins enrolled at Xavier in 1996 right after high school, but found himself undecided and unhappy. So he left his sophomore year, got married, had a child and picked up a temp job at Procter & Gamble. There, he … Read More

A Farmiliar Ring

July 2, 2006 |

License plates, bumper stickers, sweatshirts and giant foam fingers are only a few of the ways to show your Xavier pride. And now Cincinnati Bell is giving alumni yet another means to celebrate their alma mater: a downloadable ringtone for … Read More

A Different X-box

July 2, 2006 |

Once the ubiquitous space reserved for vacation magnets, coupons and children’s finger paintings, refrigerators are now taking on collegiate colors and logos. FanClub Appliances, a division of Advance Distribution Services in Louisville, Ky., developed a refrigerator for even the most … Read More

The Rein of Peace and Justice

July 2, 2006 |

The green-carpeted stairway leads up to the second floor of Xavier’s Dorothy Day House, its narrowness hinting at the cramped quarters above. Benjamin J. Urmston, S.J., leads the way, weaving across the broad landing and into the far-left office where … Read More

A Sense of Place

July 2, 2006 |

It’s raining outside and Marilyn Hanrahan is getting ready to leave. She’s on her way to her first Xavier men’s basketball game, and she wonders how chilly she’ll be. Unable to find something of her own, she rummages through her … Read More

John Wayne Justice

July 1, 2006 |

His hero is Ronald Reagan. His first vote was cast for Richard Nixon. A portrait of John Wayne, shotgun in hand, adorns his office wall. So it’s no surprise that Richard K. Jones, the newly elected sheriff of Butler County, … Read More

Healing in Haiti

July 1, 2006 |

Haiti is one of the oldest nations in the Western Hemisphere, but it’s also the poorest. And that translates directly to the nation’s medical conditions: “Deplorable,” says Dr. Frederick Landenwitsch, a family doctor practicing in the small town of Claysville, … Read More

Guiding the Court

July 1, 2006 |

If Barbara Seibel had her way, juvenile courts would take the time to learn a little about the kids they see and dig into their lives to find out the real reason they are there.

If they spent a little … Read More

Get Out of Town

July 1, 2006 |

This year, students heading to other cities after graduation got some extra help with their relocation efforts from the national alumni association.

The association added to its list of benefits RELO Advantage, a relocation network that helps alumni—new or old—buy … Read More

Food for Thought

July 1, 2006 |

The editors of Xavier magazine receive copies of publications from other Catholic universities around the country. As a service to our readers, we compiled a list of articles on Catholicism published in those magazines that we thought might be of interest. —Editor


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