Summer 2003

Spiritual Reflection

July 1, 2003 |

Kaleel Skeirik believes the time is right for a new look at some tough, timeless spiritual questions.

“We have challenges with gun legislation in this country, high school violence, bombings from within, and we’re attacking other countries,” he says. “Where … Read More

Soap Opry

July 1, 2003 |

Jim McCann is into daytime dramas. Really. The 1996 graduate and aspiring Nashville screenwriter made his official entry into the daytime television market in April with the airing of his first script for ABC’s “One Life to Live.” The pivotal … Read More

Seven Years and Accounting

July 1, 2003 |

Want a job? Major in accounting. The department of accountancy has a 100 percent job or graduate school placement rate for the past seven years. “Many of the best students have four or five job offers right away,” says accounting … Read More

Riding a Dream

July 1, 2003 |

For six years, Tom Gramke ate lunch every Thursday with Edward Brueggeman, S.J. Gramke would pick up Brueggeman at the Jesuit residence on campus and together they’d drive to a nearby Skyline Chili, where they’d wolf down coneys and chew … Read More

Queen of the Rings

July 1, 2003 |

When we left Jenny Thacker in our last issue, the University’s manager for research was diligently searching for the owners of three class rings. Little did she know that the ripple of rings would soon be a tsunami. Since that … Read More

Parental Interest

July 1, 2003 |

Wondering what your kids are up to while they are away at school? Well keeping up with them is now as easy as turning on your computer. The office of parent and constituent relations launched a new web site in … Read More

On the Road Again

July 1, 2003 |

Some people plan to live quietly after retirement. Then there’s Thomas Reese. The 1965 graduate has had a 40-year love affair with antique cars. And he loves competition. So when he retired in 2001 as an executive vice president at … Read More

Off the Cuff

July 1, 2003 |

“I’m not a cufflink collector,” Jim McCoy says with a wry smile. “I’m a cufflink user.” The line is a fine one. Over the past 20-plus years, McCoy’s accumulated—and worn —900 pairs.

Like many hobbies, McCoy’s started with a simple … Read More

Man of the Year

July 1, 2003 |

It’s official: Vince Hopkins is the man. At least for this year. Hopkins, a regional director for development for the University, was named the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Southern Ohio Chapter Man of the Year for raising more than $12,500 … Read More

Jockeying for Money

July 1, 2003 |

The city of Cincinnati recently passed a “jock tax,” which requires professional athletes and entertainers visiting the city to pay employment taxes. And it’s making life at the Cintas Center more, um, taxing. Seems it’s up to management, namely Cintas … Read More