Summer 2003

Underground Links

July 1, 2003 |

As construction of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center chugs toward completion on the Cincinnati riverfront, the University is jumping on board by hiring a new professor who will work under a joint appointment with the museum. Beginning this fall, … Read More

The Right Chemistry

July 1, 2003 |

When chemistry lab instructor Vimala Majeti and her husband, Satyan, say they believe in higher education, they really mean it. And they back it up. With money. To the tune of $50,000.

After all, it was the generosity of others … Read More

Closing the Circle

July 1, 2003 |

Ali R. Malekzadeh is coming home—in an educational sense. Malekzadeh, who was named the dean of the Williams College of Business in April, grew up attending a Jesuit school for 12 years in his native Iran. Now he brings his … Read More

Back to Basics

July 1, 2003 |

Catholicism is hot, culturally and academically. And John LaRocca, S.J., chair of the department of history, is hoping to use some of that heat to power a new minor called “Catholicism and Culture.”

The interdisciplinary minor, which examines the way … Read More

Clash of Ideals

July 1, 2003 |

Bathed in the late-afternoon sunshine of a Friday in March, student members of the Xavier Players theater group climbed onto the outdoor stage on the campus green and began a protest rally. It didn’t take long for the “V” word … Read More

Xavier Faces

July 1, 2003 |

Jen Bush M.B.A. Enrollment Services When it comes to the M.B.A. program, Bush is the tour guide who directs students from the time they fill out an application until graduation. She works with more than 900 students who come from various … Read More

The Power of Two

July 1, 2003 |

Evelyn and Rodney Suesberry know all about the value of teamwork. As proof, consider this: In 1997, faced with raising five children, the couple needed to generate more income. So both decided to enroll in the University and get their … Read More

The 30-Year Plan

July 1, 2003 |

Bruce Sommers was determined to finish his degree, but, darn it, success just kept getting in his way. Sommers started his collegiate career in 1967 at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, but left as a junior to work for R.J. Reynolds. … Read More

Teaching Teachers

July 1, 2003 |

At the front of the class, assistant professor of education Cynthia Geer holds a red apple over a tank of water. “Will it sink or float?” she asks. Half say sink, half say float. She drops it and it bobs. … Read More

Steering Students

July 1, 2003 |

The center for career and leadership development is looking to tap into the wit, wisdom and war stories of alumni in order to help educate current students on the ways of the real world. The center’s alumni career advising service … Read More