Summer 2003

Frozen in Time

July 2, 2003 |

He was a tense, short, stocky man with a crewcut and glasses propped on a long nose. His mind was talon sharp and jammed with scientific facts from his years wandering the globe, first in Antarctica and later in Greenland, … Read More

Karen Kase

July 1, 2003 |

Bachelor of Science in sport management, 1999 | Director of public relations, Charlotte Sting, Women’s National Basketball Association, Charlotte, N.C.

Glory Days Kase played goalkeeper for the women’s soccer team at Xavier. Her teams advanced to the Atlantic 10 Tournament three … Read More

Jerry Goodwin

July 1, 2003 |

Bachelor of Arts in political science, 1985 | Senior partner with Goodwin & Grant, an advertising, marketing and public relations firm in Tulsa, Okla.; director of the Metropolitan Tulsa Urban League; chair of the national diversity council of the American … Read More

Jack Miles

July 1, 2003 |

Bachelor of Literature degree, 1964; Bachelor’s in philosophy, Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, 1966; Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible, Harvard University, 1971 | Jesuit seminarian, 1960-1970; Pulitzer Prize winner in 1996 for God: A Biography .

Prize Surprise In 1996, Miles became the only Xavier … Read More

Booked for Life

July 1, 2003 |

What do a wealthy oil baron, a generous Jesuit priest and a prolific economics professor have in common? Starting this spring, they share the official name of the University’s bookstore. The Besse Family Bookstore was permanently engraved on the store … Read More

Changing Dialogue

July 1, 2003 |

James Buchanan is on the phone. His voice pours quietly into the sunlit hallway outside his second-floor office in Hinkle Hall. Buchanan waves an acknowledgement, takes a few minutes to wind up the conversation and opens the door wide. The … Read More

Triple Crown

July 1, 2003 |

Amy Waugh finished her college career with a nice touch. After setting the school record with 107 three-point baskets and leading the nation with 3.6 threes per game, Waugh participated in the 15th annual ESPN three-point shooting championship during the … Read More

Spike Support

July 1, 2003 |

Attendance for the University’s women’s basketball and volleyball teams is spiking upward. Since moving to the Cintas Center three years ago, attendance for the two teams has more than doubled. And it’s proving to be a big help.

“Its intimidating … Read More

Second Shot

July 1, 2003 |

For the fourth time in four years, the rifle team shot its way to a National Collegiate Athletic Association trophy. The team finished second in this year’s NCAA Championship at West Point, N.Y., in mid-March, playing bridesmaid once again to … Read More

Going Pro

July 1, 2003 |

Bobby Bevel and Matt Watson aren’t yet household names. But their successes to date could turn golden—not only for them, but for the University’s baseball program as well. While other members of the University’s teams have made the leap from … Read More