Spring 2007


April 1, 2007 |

Brent Blair grew up on the streets of Chicago, but he spends most of his time now walking on forest floors. He’s studied the rainforests of Nicaragua and the redwoods of California. These days it’s Ohio’s forests, and what’s got … Read More

High Scores No Surprise

April 1, 2007 |

Don’t stop the presses. Don’t plan on any film at 11. The news that came rolling in from the National Collegiate Athletic Association this spring wasn’t that surprising. But it does confirm once again what we already know: Xavier does … Read More

Finn Find

April 1, 2007 |

The handwriting is neat and the signature is clear—F.J. Finn, S.J. Thanks to the generosity of Mary Blanche Boland of Cincinnati, the University now has two letters written by Francis J. Finn, S.J. Finn is the former University trustee who … Read More

Feeding the Masses

April 1, 2007 |

As part of the growing conglomerate of student-run businesses at Xavier, junior business major Sarah Green opened Muskie Market, an online grocery delivery service. Students pick from about 200 products, and Green and another student, Craig Campbell, drive to a … Read More

Bob Sumerel Tires

April 1, 2007 |

You’re gliding down the street in your car, singing a little Pat Benatar with the radio and maybe not paying as much attention to the road as you could. Suddenly, you feel a jolt as your front right tire hits … Read More

Beverly Hills 90210

April 1, 2007 |

Joel Tantalo “always had this itch” to be an entrepreneur. But a successful legal career working for high-profile employers in Los Angeles seemed to preclude becoming his own boss. Last October, however, the 1996 graduate decided the time had come. … Read More