Spring 2007

Profile: Sister Marie Rose Messingschlager

April 1, 2007 |

Sister Marie Rose Messingschlager Master of Education in remedial reading, 1973 Director of Indian Ministry, Diocese of Duluth, Minn.


Sacred Circle | Sister Rose believes Native American spirituality and Catholicism have many similarities, as represented by the Native American Sacred Circle. … Read More

Sweet Reading

April 1, 2007 |

Some people have gardens for a hobby. Some a workshop. Tim Sassen spends his spare time writing and publishing children’s books. Specifically, he publishes The Cherry on Top, a 48-page story he wrote about the importance of friendship, the wonders … Read More

Commons Preview

April 1, 2007 |

Students are getting an early view of what the new Learning Commons is going to be like. The University Library is reorganizing its first floor to become a prototype of how the new facility will look and work, with its … Read More

Calls, Hot Result

April 1, 2007 |

Amanda Robinson is studying international business. Aisha Patton is studying early childhood education. They might want to consider studying sales, because the two raised more than $100,000 each for the University’s phonathon during the fall semester from Sept. 12 and … Read More

Key Components

April 1, 2007 |

The new home of the Williams College of Business will feature three centers and one institute:


Center for Investment Research This student-managed facility contains state-of-the-art technology for the analysis of stocks and securities as well as portfolio management. It also … Read More

Matters of Faith

April 1, 2007 |

As Rabbi Abie Ingber sits in his Schott Hall office, there’s a knock on his half-closed door. A student sticks his head in.


“Can I help you?” Ingber asks.

The student stops and stammers before a sheepish grin settles … Read More

Knitters Moves

April 1, 2007 |

Just when professor emeritus of theology Paul Knitter thought he was done in the classroom, he got an offer he couldn’t refuse. Union Theological Seminary, the oldest inter-denominational seminary in the nation and one of the most prestigious, targeted Knitter … Read More

China Connections

April 1, 2007 |

chinaregLast October, Beth Bronsil took her in-depth knowledge of Montessori education to China and Taiwan where she visited government-run kindergarten and elementary schools in Suzhou and Shanghai and a private school in Qingdao. Read More

Nursing Calls

April 1, 2007 |

Holding a syringe at arm’s length, Joyce Cruz checks that it contains exactly 100 milligrams of Dilantin, then slips it into the intravenous line strapped to the arm of a man having a seizure in the hospital bed beside her. … Read More

Women’s Business

April 1, 2007 |

Businessmen have long had their “old boys’ network.” Now it’s the women’s turn. The M.B.A. Women’s Association was launched in the fall and already boasts 70 members. They include M.B.A. students and graduates, says Angel Elvin (above), an M.B.A. student … Read More