Spring 2006

New Grades a Plus

April 1, 2006 |

One-third of a point may seem minor at first, but it makes a big difference for a student who gets an A- instead of a B. A new grading system that adds plus and minus grades gives Xavier professors 12 … Read More

Ethical Lessons

April 1, 2006 |

Paul Fiorelli wants students to remember the important stuff. And the director for the Williams College of Business’s center for business ethics and social responsibility is willing to do just about anything—from magic tricks to using imaginative props to showing … Read More

Unofficial Reunion

April 1, 2006 |

During the wedding of a fellow 2003 classmate, Julie Badertscher, Jane Scheffsky and Lisa Walroth had a moment of clarity. Realizing they saw each other only during friends’ nuptials, they decided to plan an unofficial weekend reunion around a men’s … Read More

The Ironman Cometh

April 1, 2006 |

As Jim Loretta approached the end of more than 14 grueling hours of competition—comprising a 2.4-mile swim followed by a 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run—the waiting crowd formed two lanes along the street. Twenty-five yards before the finish, … Read More

The 47-Year-Old Plan

April 1, 2006 |

When William Reyering graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Xavier in 1988, he already had a law degree from the University of Cincinnati. So to commemorate the occasion—47 years in the making—he visited UC’s bookstore to rent the … Read More

Take Two

April 1, 2006 |

Take Two. Rev. Joseph V. Urbain, who was profiled in the Winter 2006 issue of Xavier magazine as the University’s oldest living graduate, died on Jan. 28, just eight days shy of his 99th birthday.

The sole surviving member of … Read More

Swearing Rules

April 1, 2006 |

The art of profanity has a long—if not exactly glorious—history. Just ask Ernie Fontana. In October, the professor of English joined a local radio station to discuss the origins of cursing. “It probably goes back into prehistory,” he says. “Swearing … Read More

Strings Attached

April 1, 2006 |

Chris Wilke is used to the strange looks. The adjunct professor of music at the University sees those expressions every time he takes the stage carrying his theorbo.

“Most people have never seen anything like it,” he says.

At least … Read More

Saving Guadalcanal

April 1, 2006 |

On Sept. 13, 1942, John Sweeney’s company of Marines was alone on a ridge surrounded by Japanese soldiers. Three other Marine companies had pulled back to protect Henderson Field, the U.S.-held airstrip on Guadalcanal. His company, part of the 1st … Read More

New Turf

April 1, 2006 |

New Turf. Walter Bonvell, the University’s grounds foreman, was recently elected to the board of the 1,200-member Professional Grounds Management Society. Most members hail from colleges, parks and municipalities, and participate in events such as irrigation workshops or turf management … Read More