Spring 2006

Xavier Spotlight

May 1, 2006 |

A lot has changed at the University during the last 45 years, but at least one constant remains: Rowena Williams. In 1960, Williams began as a dishwasher in the old Red Building’s cafeteria and has worked as a line server, … Read More

Reaching for Diversity

April 2, 2006 |

The desk in Cheryl Nuñez’s office is a sea of manila folders broken by flecks of reddish-brown where the sunlight from the tall, lone window strikes the wood surface. Another group of folders peers out of a black bag underneath … Read More


April 2, 2006 |

When members of Xavier’s South Asian Society decided to stage the Indian festival of Diwali in the Gallagher Theater in November, they weren’t sure what to expect. The members had never staged the festival before, so they printed 400 tickets, … Read More

Extra Credit: Peter Block

April 1, 2006 |

Peter Block is a consultant and trainer focusing on empowerment, stewardship, accountability and community. He’s written several best-selling books, including Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used, which was recognized as the most influential book for organizational development … Read More

Profile: Kim Blanton

April 1, 2006 |


Bachelor of Science in physical education, 1992 | Personal trainer, Cincinnati

Strong Start | Blanton was a member of the women’s basketball team from 1987-1991 after being heavily recruited coming out of high school in Lexington, Ky. She chose … Read More

Danish Anyone?

April 1, 2006 |

A team of 10 Danish administrators and teachers studying school curriculum and philosophy in the U.S. last fall visited Xavier for an informal cross-cultural gathering. The Xavier department of education and the McDonald Library sponsored a conference in October where … Read More

Profile: John K. Ritter

April 1, 2006 |


Bachelor of Science–Business Administration, 1994 | Co-owner, Ritter Daniher Financial Advisory; Cincinnati

Passion at Work | Ritter and his business partner, Jeffrey Daniher, launched their firm in July 1999 with no clients but “a solid business plan and … Read More

Profile: Tony Anderson

April 1, 2006 |


Bachelor of Arts vocal music, 2000 | CEO of Vizionary Productions; Doctoral student in hip-hop and education at the University of Delaware, Wilmington, Del.

Many Hats | Anderson—a teacher, live hip-hop disc jockey, music producer and composer—developed an educational … Read More

Profile: Joseph P. Broderick, M.D.

April 1, 2006 |


Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude with distinction, 1978 | Staff attending physician;professor of neurology; chair, Department of Neurology; member, The Neuroscience Institute, University of Cincinnati

Service to Others | While his father, Xavier alumnus Joseph Broderick, … Read More

Lasting Impact

April 1, 2006 |

As chair of the University’s department of English, Thomas Savage, S.J., left a powerful impression on his students. So much so that 35 years after his death, many former students continue to remember him through contributions to the Thomas G. … Read More