Spring 2004

Brush with Care

April 1, 2004 |

A sense of service led James Weber into dentistry. And in September, that same ideal earned the 1970 graduate the Ohio Dental Association’s Humanitarian Award for 2003.

Weber opened his practice in 1975 and has always done some public service … Read More

Braids Success

April 1, 2004 |

Anthony Myles slumps into a plastic patio chair in JoAnn Baxley’s apartment. The senior forward on the men’s basketball team, who just turned in a seven-page paper on Descartes, downs a juice and chews through four bags of chips while … Read More

Bat Art

April 1, 2004 |

The Cincinnati Reds couldn’t win a World Series trophy this year, so they did the next best thing—they made one. The Reds hired Tom Tsuchiya, Xavier’s resident sculptor, to build a 10-foot replica of the trophy for an artistic promotion … Read More

And More Letters

April 1, 2004 |

Against the Current Terry McIver, in his letter to the editor Spring 2004), contributes nicely to the bilious literature of exclusion and self-annointment that never stops from these people so desperate to believe that every word in the Bible is gold. … Read More

A Link to the Rich and Famous

April 1, 2004 |

Movie star Loretta Young came for a visit. So did Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Cincinnati Archbishop Karl J. Alter, Jesuit Superior General Pedro Arrupe, S.J., and former University President Paul J. O’Connor, S.J., dropped by for dinner. And, according to … Read More

10 Years Later

April 1, 2004 |

June 14, 1989. The events of the day created a watershed event in Xavier history. Six Jesuit priests were murdered in El Salvador, immediately creating a link between the University and peace efforts in Central America, and indirectly creating one … Read More