Spring 2003

Parental Interest

April 2, 2003 |

Living in Birmingham, Ala., makes it a challenge for Mike and Vivian Bonamy to keep up with their daughter, MaryRose, a senior. The distance can be a true divider. But even parents who live closer to campus face similar challenges, … Read More

Ignatian Spirituality

April 2, 2003 |

Howard Gray, S.J., is assistant to the president for mission at John Carroll University and founding director of Ignatian spirituality at Boston College. He spoke on campus recently about Jesuit identity. Here are his thoughts.

I hear frequently from alumni … Read More

Branching Out

April 2, 2003 |

Fifty years ago, Jesuit priests in Roman collars walked the campus, working as the primary faculty and serving as an outward sign of the Catholicity of the University. Students were required to attend Mass and at least one spiritual retreat … Read More

Answering the Call

April 2, 2003 |

The Hamilton County Communications Center is quiet. For now. It’s 9:00 p.m., the parking lot is far from full and the glass-fronted lobby is empty. Inside, Chris Ferguson, Bob George, Larry Babel and about a dozen others sit quietly in … Read More

An Army of One

April 2, 2003 |

Simon Leis strolls easily down the maze of hallways in the 1,400-bed county jail. The taps on his shiny black shoes click with each step he takes, echoing off the concrete walls and metal bars.

He’s leading an entourage of … Read More

The Sounds of Life

April 2, 2003 |

It’s a cold, blustery Friday afternoon in January, and the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is all but empty. Apart from the friendly face at the gate and a few straggling golf carts manned by zoo workers, the popular attraction … Read More

Profile: Pat Kreke

April 1, 2003 |

X Days | Earned his degree in three years while playing for the Musketeer baseball team.

Working Days | Kreke began teaching at Fenwick after graduating and is now in his 24th year at the school. He taught physical education and health … Read More

Profile: Louis Terhar

April 1, 2003 |

Big Chief | Terhar came out of retirement in July to take over the Indian Motorcycle Co., which is headquartered near San Francisco. “Somebody found me,” he says. “I didn’t want to go to California, but they really wanted me to … Read More

Profile: James D. Ott

April 1, 2003 |

Flying High | Ott went to cover the Farnborough Air Show in London in July and flew home with the Bombardier prize for best story on the airline business. His report in Aviation Week & Space Technology was about the impact … Read More

Profile: Cynthia J. Alby

April 1, 2003 |

Old Times | She was previously chair of the department of education at Macon State College, while simultaneously teaching Latin and Greek culture and supervising student teachers at the University of Georgia.

Fun Times | “I think I’m just an extremely curious … Read More