Spring 2002

Extra Credit: Paul Fiorelli

April 1, 2002 |

In October, Paul Fiorelli was named director of the new center for business ethics and social responsibility in the Williams College of Business. We wondered what it is all about.

What is the new center and why was it formed? … Read More

Couch Collection

April 1, 2002 |

Walking into campus police chief Mike Couch’s office, you’d expect to be intimidated by police gear: handcuffs, guns, billy clubs.

Instead you’re greeted by a talking cop cookie jar, a troll dressed up as a policeman and a bevy of … Read More

Collegiate Champ

April 1, 2002 |

Apparently big things do come in small packages. At least that’s the lesson behind Shaun Rostron. The 123-pound sophomore has recently pumped up his résumé with some impressive records. In February Rostron won the National Collegiate Weightlifting Championship in Shreveport, … Read More

Cash Advances

April 1, 2002 |

Back in 1972, before the advent of computers, getting cash was very personal—everyone had to go inside a bank and talk to a teller—but not always convenient. If you couldn’t get to a bank while it was open, you risked … Read More

Cartoon Caper

April 1, 2002 |

Senior Michael Sieve has been visiting Disney World since he was 4 years old. If you ask him who his favorite cartoon character is, the answer is an assured, “Mickey, because he’s a classic. It all started with a mouse.”Read More

Candid Career

April 1, 2002 |

If variety is the spice of life, then Laura Chapnick’s career is well-seasoned. The 1990 graduate is a freelance television producer, blending a dash of commercials and news reporting with a pinch of sports and entertainment. Among her portfolio: work … Read More

Body Sculpting

April 1, 2002 |

For a University of Cincinnati graduate, Thomas Tsuchiya spends an awful lot of time on Xavier’s campus. Maybe that’s because the University keeps throwing work his way. He’s the sculptor behind the bronze statues of D’Artagnan that stands in front … Read More

Blessed Be Thy Brain

April 1, 2002 |

Students no longer have to rely on praying to St. Jude—patron saint of desperate situations—when final exams roll around. Now they simply have their brains blessed by one of the Jesuits on campus. Near the end of each semester, students … Read More

All That Jazz

April 1, 2002 |

By day, Dennis Stewart is the CEO of Partnership in Youth, a nonprofit organization that helps at-risk youth. By night, the 1969 graduate transforms into a radio disc jockey for WCSU (88.9FM). And that’s when things get cool, real cool.Read More

A New Hope for Groundhog’s Day

April 1, 2002 |

Hope Stephan completed a master’s degree in business administration last year with plans of becoming publisher of a small newspaper. She got a little more than she bargained for, though, when she was hired by the Punxsutawney Spirit. Now, she’s … Read More