On Course

October 1, 2002 |

Doug Steiner is a week into an extended recruiting trip, sitting, for the moment, in the clubhouse of the Atlanta Athletic Club, which is hosting the U.S. Junior Amateur Golf Championship. He’s taking a few minutes to rest his feet, … Read More

Swimmingly Done

July 1, 2002 |

Sophomore swimmer Angie Hinrichs won the 100-yard freestyle individual title in the Atlantic 10 Conference championships this spring—the best finish ever for a University swimmer. The Cincinnati native set a new school record in the race with a time of … Read More

On Base

July 1, 2002 |

The baseball team returned to the Atlantic 10 Conference tournament this year with a 15-8 mark in conference play. The record earned the team third place in the western division and a fifth seed in the six-team tournament. The Musketeers … Read More

Gillen Returns

July 1, 2002 |

Former men’s basketball coach Pete Gillen, who lifted the program to greater recognition and took it to the NCAA Tournament’s Sweet 16 in 1990, is being inducted into the athletic hall of fame during homecoming week Nov. 15-24, 2002. Gillen … Read More

Nice Shoting X

July 1, 2002 |

Alan Joseph walks past the empty .22 caliber cartridge shells that are scattered about the floor and heads toward the glass-enclosed trophy cases in the back of the room. Here, among the photos of All-Americans and Olympians, shine some of … Read More


April 1, 2002 |

When Jo Ann Osterkamp Henderson injured her ankle early in her senior year, the coaches weren’t sure she’d make it off the bench. But Henderson recovered, and the 1984 graduate went on to become the first basketball player in the … Read More

A New Track

April 1, 2002 |

Kerry Hils likes to go running with her dogs, Bear and Red. They’re puppies, really, just eight months old and still full of energy and life. They’re that way, at least, until they get done running with Hils. The dogs … Read More

Sword Play

January 1, 2002 |

There’s a new Musketeer appearing on campus these days. His cape flares, his head cocks. This hip swashbuckler has a little more flair, a style that says “cool” and “courageous.” The new guy with the Zorro-like swoosh is the latest … Read More

Daily Devotions

January 1, 2002 |

Xavier wasn’t always the basketball powerhouse it is today. Far from it, in fact. Its record was so dismal in the 1960s and 1970s that a committee was formed to determine what the sport’s future would be. Enter Bill Daily, … Read More

Battle of the Sexes: Women Find Perfect Practice Partners- Men

January 1, 2002 |

Kate Kreager, a forward on the women’s basketball team, is dribbling downcourt during practice when a defender suddenly moves out to stop her. She cuts in a different direction and continues driving to the basket. It’s a typical scene except … Read More