Fund Raising

Survey Says

October 1, 2001 |

Last spring’s annual fund appeal included a brief survey inviting alumni, parents and friends to share their thoughts on the University’s yearly fund-raising effort. The University received more than 500 responses as well as several letters offering detailed comments on … Read More

Class Appeal

October 1, 2001 |

This past year, the University took its first journey into the world of class giving, in which alumni serve as liaisons between their graduating class and the annual fund. By all accounts, the effort was a resounding success. The number … Read More

Century Campaign Ends

October 1, 2001 |

On the bottom line, The Century Campaign looks like this: $125.3 million. On campus, it looks like this: the Cintas Center, Gallagher Center, academic and residential malls, a new residential hall, three restored buildings (Hinkle, Schmidt and Edgecliff) and a … Read More

Pacesetters Graduate

July 1, 2001 |

Watches are usually presented at retirement, but in this case, six new graduates received theirs before starting their careers. The timepieces were commencement gifts from 1960 graduate Charles Gallagher to the first graduating group from the Pacesetter scholarship program. The … Read More

High-Tech Building

July 1, 2001 |

The openings of the two newest buildings on campus—a $12 million residence hall in August and the $18 million Gallagher Student Center in January— are still on schedule, but there’s more to the planned openings than unlocking a few doors. … Read More

Uncertain Future for Schmidt Field House

July 1, 2001 |

When Schmidt Fieldhouse opened in 1928, it was a first-class facility far superior to those of many other colleges and universities. The University of Cincinnati played in a lesser building, McMicken Hall. So did the universities of Kentucky and Louisville. … Read More