Fund Raising

Making It All Add Up

July 1, 2013 |

Joe Rippe’s college career began like that of many students—academically awful, but, boy, was it fun. He was in Missouri, three states removed from the watchful eye of his parents and far from his previous responsibilities, he was free to … Read More

The Gift of Caring

April 1, 2013 |

With the shortage of nurses in America, there seems to be a growing number of places that offer nursing education. Sure, those kinds of places can train people how to take blood pressure and draw blood, but there’s more to being … Read More

To Do or Not to Do?

April 1, 2013 |

The image of an exploding Ford Pinto was cemented into the fertile brain of Jamie Schade by an ethics professor whose name has escaped Schade’s memory. But the image and the corresponding message about the irreversible consequences of a corporate decision … Read More

Gallagher Gratitudes

January 1, 2013 |

“Observe the turtle,” Charlie Gallagher likes to say. “It can’t make any progress unless it sticks its neck out.”

Gallagher, a 1960 economics graduate, spent a lifetime sticking his neck out, taking risks and making progress. A lot of progress. … Read More

Honor Thy Father

January 1, 2013 |

Dinners at Roger Fortin’s home were always big family affairs. With six mouths to feed on a history professor’s salary, they weren’t always extravagant. But they were special. They were one of the few moments during the day when everyone … Read More

Many are the Options

October 1, 2012 |

Ray and Sue Broerman have been giving to Xavier for more than 20 years.In addition to buying season tickets to men’s basketball games every year, they make regular donations to the Annual Fund at The 1831 Society level, as well … Read More

Spreading the Love

October 1, 2012 |

Life was good when Ray Broerman was growing up in the 1950s. His family had it all: a new house in Bridgetown on Cincinnati’s west side and a neighborhood pool down the street where he and his seven siblings spent … Read More

The New Generation

April 1, 2012 |

Colin Willer and Kerry Murphy are hip young urbanites with a different viewpoint on living and giving. They live in Cincinnati’s edgy Over-The-Rhine neighborhood in a 117-year-old house. They share one car and ride bikes or the bus to get … Read More

Saving Students

January 1, 2012 |

Two years ago, Mark Costello did the unthinkable. He went to the financial aid office and told them he was getting ready to withdraw. He wondered if there was anything more they could do for him.

“I had started looking … Read More

Letters of Inspiration

July 1, 2011 |

Nobody writes letters anymore, right? It’s an email or cell phone call or posting on Twitter. Heck, people don’t even scribble personal messages on Christmas cards anymore.

Perhaps, then, that’s why the letters the students of the Summer Service Internship … Read More