Searching the Heavens

April 2, 2008 |

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In the Pinaleno Mountains near Safford, Ariz., three hours northeast of Tucson, is a piece of earth and sky that has become a window to the world—and the heavens above. … Read More

The Next Frontier

April 2, 2008 |

The University built it, and they came. Without announcement or invitation. A steady stream of them, says librarian Betty Porter.

As soon as the carpet and furniture arrived in the prototype of the planned Learning Commons, students packed the place.

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Night Movers

April 2, 2008 |

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If New York is the city that never sleeps, Xavier has taken a bite out of the Big Apple. In an era of never-ending options, the campus has become a 24/7 … Read More

Lighting the Way

January 2, 2008 |

With the advent of new and better medications, the AIDS crisis in America has become a backburner issue. But while Americans have become somewhat numb to it, the disease has reached pandemic proportions in other parts of the world—particularly in … Read More

The Greening of Xavier

January 2, 2008 |

n a quiet office in Xavier’s physical plant, Thomas Kearns and Stephen Erwin take a break from a whirlwind round of meetings. The men, principals in the Boston-based design firm Shepley Bulfinch Richardson & Abbott, are completing a two-day visit … Read More

Welcome to Africa

January 2, 2008 |

By Sarah Hohl I love Africa. It’s wild, undeveloped and beautiful. It’s also violent, impoverished and dangerous. It’s a place that has changed my life, giving me direction and meaning. And it’s a place that almost killed me.

Not everyone … Read More

Field of Dreams

October 2, 2007 |

Now, 17 years later, the questions are finally answered. In June, the University announced plans for Xavier Square, a mixed-use development created in partnership with the Covington, Ky.-based Corporex. The project, which is set to break ground in 2008, not … Read More

What You Should Know

October 2, 2007 |

To help you catch up on what you might have forgotten since graduating, we asked faculty members to create a handy primer on a handful of subjects:

Charles Grossman, Professor of biology 1. Biology is the scientific study of … Read More

Turning Points

October 2, 2007 |

It’s mid-morning on July 14. Katie Heins slips on a T-shirt and shorts, grabs her large, hand-lettered banner and heads out from her apartment onto the steamy streets of Over-the-Rhine. Passing by Washington Park, she casts a sympathetic eye … Read More

Game Day

July 2, 2007 |

A Look Behind the Scenes with the Men’s Basketball Team

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