This Old House

October 2, 2001 |

It won’t be on a Hollywood tour of famous homes anytime soon, or in the Architectural Digest book of celeb-rity houses. But the white stucco bungalow with the Spanish tile roof that graces the corner of Victory Parkway and Ledgewood … Read More

the Heart of the Matter

October 1, 2001 |

It was a week before Christmas and Becky Scheve was gathered with a medical team around the hospital bed of Asia Miller. The discussion wasn’t a joyous one about the holidays, but a grim one about whether Miller would live … Read More

Future Now

October 1, 2001 |

Maggie King strolls down to the banks of the Little Miami River. The babble of water rippling over rocks provides a welcome respite from the usual workday sounds. It’s taken awhile, but the associate professor of nursing is finally letting … Read More

Climbing Mt. Debt

October 1, 2001 |

College students nationwide are facing a problem more daunting than anything the toughest professor can dish out—credit card debt. According to a 2000 analysis done by student loan provider Nellie Mae, 78 percent of students age 18-25 now have at … Read More

Open Wide

July 1, 2001 |

When pediatric dentist David Sullivan gets called to work on the teeth of 12-year-old Sumar, he knows he’s in for a challenge. Whenever the tawny-haired patient sees the doctor and realizes he’s going to have dental work done, he hides … Read More

Making Tracks

July 1, 2001 |

Tom McComas was in his early 30s when he acquired his first toy trains, which he didn’t want. “I lived in a small Chicago apartment,” he says, “so the last thing I needed was an old train.” The 1960 graduate … Read More

Excuse Me?

July 1, 2001 |

When Diana Staab was a student in the early 1990s, she found herself in a position all too familiar to anyone who’s ever taken an exam—she knew the answer to a question, but no matter how hard she tried, she … Read More

About Face

July 1, 2001 |

Flash back to the 1970s. Even with female-dominated departments such as education and nursing, men are still the majority in America’s college classrooms—56 percent, compared with 44 percent women. Over time, though, a variety of factors begin influencing this makeup: … Read More

Racial Strife: Today. Yesterday. Tomorrow?

July 1, 2001 |

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in his 1958 book Stride Toward Freedom, posed a number of questions during the Montgomery boycott that apply to the racial dilemmas facing Cincinnati, where the April killing of an unarmed black fugitive by a … Read More