Fall 2011

In the Spotlinght

October 1, 2011 |

For one hour on one day, the sports world will have its eyes focused firmly on Xavier athletic director Mike Bobinski. The leader behind Xavier’s sports programs is becoming the leader behind what is arguably the most important, influential and … Read More

Extra Credit: Robert Buetuer, S.J.

October 1, 2011 |

After serving as editor of the National Jesuit News and associate editor at America magazine, Bueter joined the Xavier faculty in 2007 as associate director of the Center for Catholic Education and specialist on the history of secondary education in … Read More

Construction: Behind the Scenes

October 1, 2011 |

In the Fall of 2009, Messer presented two options for Xavier to consider. The first was a traditional approach where the designers designed the building fully, we put it out to bid and then built it per those drawings. That … Read More

Change Agents

October 1, 2011 |

Neil F. Tilow has a few choice words for his former colleagues inside the Xavier post office: “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The president and CEO of the Talbert House—Cincinnati’s largest addiction recovery community—says his career path all started … Read More

Student Philanthropy

October 1, 2011 |

The student philanthropy program, under the direction of the Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice, awarded $11,000 in grants to nine local nonprofit organizations this year. The students in the program, which is embedded into four academic courses, spent … Read More

Stellar Student

October 1, 2011 |

What makes a student the Employee of the Year? Don’t ask Maria Konerman. She’s still not sure. But she is grateful—both for the award and for the experience she had working for the Center for Mission and Identity. The accolade … Read More

No Horsing Around

October 1, 2011 |

Alex Calvert, a junior nursing major from Piqua, Ohio, became the first Xavier student to qualify for the Collegiate National Championship Horse Show by winning her division in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association Zone 6 Championships.

Calvert advanced further than … Read More

Perfect Match

October 1, 2011 |

 The first Tuesday in November 2009 started out like any other for Ron Vogler. His wife left for work. Their son left for school. Alone, Vogler grabbed his coffee and sat down to his computer. This was one of the … Read More

What’s the Rush?

October 1, 2011 |

Brian Shircliff wants you to stop for a moment. Slow down. Breathe. Live. Try it. Stop what you’re doing. Take a big, deep breath. Hold it. Now exhale. Ahhh. That’s it. Try that again. Now that you’re nice and relaxed, … Read More

The Good Fight: Sarah Niemoeller Bears Witness to History

October 1, 2011 |

Sarah Niemoeller’s life bears witness to the turbulent history of the past century. Strike that—not just mere “witness.” The feisty aristocrat and activist has always found herself as a full-fledged participant and combatant.

The nearly 90-year-old baroness—full name: Sibylle Augusta … Read More