Fall 2009

Soldier Poet

October 1, 2009 |

War and family are the major themes in Capt. Christopher Collins’ life these days. Perhaps that isn’t surprising—the 2001 MEd graduate is an officer in the U.S. Army Reserves, where he serves as a detachment commander in psychological operations and … Read More

Senior Moment

October 1, 2009 |

The elderly man lived alone in Stanley Row, a federally subsidized apartment building in downtown Cincinnati. Polly Doran and two Ohio legislators took the elevator up to his apartment.

The man welcomed them in, and as he got up from … Read More

Saving a City

October 1, 2009 |

Bill Donabedian just laughs when asked if his job description reads, “Save downtown Cincinnati.”

“Turning around downtown is too big a job for one person,” he says. That task actually belongs to the Cincinnati Center City Development Group, the nonprofit … Read More

Political Bug

October 1, 2009 |

Erin McDermott caught the political fever on the 2004 presidential campaign trail while canvassing neighborhoods, attending rallies and phoning voters on behalf of the Bush/Cheney camp. And she still hasn’t recovered.

“In the last couple of weeks before the election, … Read More

Opera Idol

October 1, 2009 |

Margaret Russo is still pinching herself. In July, she was named “Opera Idol” in Cincinnati, out-singing more than 150 hopefuls in the first-ever amateur competition staged by the Cincinnati Opera, the nation’s second oldest opera company. The title earned the … Read More

Tibetan Buddhist Nuns

October 1, 2007 |

Shortly after dusk, Carol Winkelmann and an Indian guide start walking up a mountain path leading from a narrow road in the Himalayan mountains of northern India. They’re trekking to the Shugsep nunnery, where about 100 exiled Tibetan nuns live … Read More