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Despite golf outings, riverboat cruises, cocktail parties and luncheons, sometimes it’s the unplanned moments that keep alumni coming back for Reunion Weekend.


“Every night we were there we ended up back in Buenger Hall,” says Don Chura, a 1956 grad who arrived from St. Louis on Thursday evening for this year’s reunion, June 15-17.

After scheduled events on Saturday, for example, one 1956 graduate went on a late-night run for a few 30-packs of hamburgers from White Castle to share with his classmates staying in the residence hall.

“We had lunch at Skyline on Saturday and approximately 12 hours later we were eating belly bombers in the dorms,” Chura says. “We all passed the test for having a good, strong stomach.”

Chura and his friends spent the early morning hours in the dorm’s lounge catching up, reminiscing about their Xavier days and making plans to attend next year’s reunion. More than 800 people attended this year.