Fall 2006

Crossing Cultures

October 1, 2006 |

The department of history launched a new course last fall that gives sophomore history majors a colloquium experience, enhances the University’s gender and diversity offerings, and satisfies the one-credit diversity requirement of the core curriculum.

The four-credit course, which last … Read More

Road to Excellence

October 1, 2006 |

David Dodd walks into his office on the seventh floor of Schott Hall, introduces himself and apologizes for being late. Someone, he explains, grabbed him to talk a minute. A lot of people want to talk to Dodd these days. … Read More

Wheels of Success

October 1, 2006 |

Eric Keller had a problem that was keeping him up nights. It was fall semester 2000, and he needed $100,000 over the next four years to pay for his education. One sleepless night, the freshman decided to do what he … Read More

The Play

October 1, 2006 |

When Xavier sophomore Richard Kase walked into the Marshall University stadium in Huntington, W. Va., in 1971, an eerie feeling overtook him. Inside were numerous memorials commemorating the plane crash that killed 75 members of Marshall’s football team months earlier, … Read More

The Face of Success

October 1, 2006 |

Yolanda Webb struggled every morning when it came time to put on her makeup. The former model was living overseas, and the department stores didn’t offer makeup for women of color. “I couldn’t find things to match my skin, and … Read More

The Art of X

October 1, 2006 |

If you’ve ever wanted to sneak a peek at the University’s art collection—or if you weren’t aware one existed—here’s your chance to be impressed.


In honor of Xavier’s 175th anniversary, the University art gallery is hosting a special exhibition … Read More

Steak Fry

October 1, 2006 |

The triple-digit heat may have kept some away, but 150 alumni still made it out to the Cincinnati chapter’s first alumni steak fry, which took place on campus in July.


The weather forced the event, originally scheduled to take … Read More

Scene of the Crime

October 1, 2006 |

A dark, windowless room holds the only evidence found at the crime scene: strands of hair firmly clutched in a dead man’s hand. Workers in white lab coats and floor-length aprons analyze every fragment, comparing the strands with hair samples … Read More

Saving the Station

October 1, 2006 |

Jesus and the other Biblical figures in the historic artwork needed a little help. Twenty-five years ago, the parishes of Saint Boniface and Saint James in Ludlow, Ky., merged, bringing together the German Catholic and Irish Catholic congregations of the … Read More

A Woman’s World

October 1, 2006 |

Women students are now the majority at Xavier, and the University is adjusting to meet their needs The door to the first-floor women’s restroom in Alter Hall flings open and Patty LaGrange barges in. She walks over to the flimsy … Read More