Fall 2004

Xavier Faces

October 1, 2004 |

Robert Johnson Physical Plant As a maintenance specialist, Johnson has been helping keep Xavier’s residence halls immaculately clean for 15 years. A lifetime resident of Cincinnati, Johnson takes pride in his wife and three children; his oldest just graduated from … Read More

X-treme Makeover

October 1, 2004 |

At age 42, Bellarmine Chapel is getting a facelift. During the summer, workers began adding office and multi-purpose space to the front of the chapel. The work creates a new, rounded façade with a single, central entrance marked by large … Read More

X Marks the Wedding Spot

October 1, 2004 |

Two or three times a week, couples call the Cintas Center and inquire about having their wedding receptions in the building’s banquet room. Once they decide to, the single-most common request they have, says banquet center director Jill Hanto, is … Read More

Upon Further Review

October 1, 2004 |

After more than a year of intensive reviews of all programs within the University, some changes have been made relating to national alumni association events.

The most prominent change is the elimination of homecoming as a single event. Most of … Read More

TRiO Program

October 1, 2004 |

A full-ride scholarship was Lakeisha Love’s ticket to a four-year degree and a chance at the kind of high-quality education her parents never had. But after her first year at Xavier, she began suffering from anxiety and depression brought on … Read More

The TRiO Program Helps Students Adjust

October 1, 2004 |

Student support services (a.k.a. TRiO) provides individualized services in areas such as financial assistance, academic coaching, personal mentoring, access to laptops and more. Through workshops that target student needs such as test anxiety, note-taking, goal-setting and others, a student’s transition … Read More

The Gospel of Politics

October 1, 2004 |

Each opportunity to vote, especially in a presidential election, raises a vital question: What really forms the basis of our political choices? Perhaps it is our long-standing commitment to a particular political party. Perhaps it is our race or gender … Read More

Teaming Up

October 1, 2004 |

The presidents of Greater Cincinnati’s three largest universities had lunch last winter, and over sandwiches and salads they hatched a plan to collaborate on issues of community engagement designed to revitalize and invigorate the educational and economic health of the … Read More

Take Two

October 1, 2004 |

Apparently Tracey Leugers was a little better at juggling than she thought. Leugers, who was featured in the Winter 2003 issue of Xavier magazine, cut short her effort to earn an M.B.A. by four classes for four very good reasons—she … Read More

Table Tennis Anyone?

October 1, 2004 |

The next time you pick up a Ping-Pong paddle on someone’s basement table, remember these three words: spin, speed, accuracy.

That’s what it takes to win, if you’re like Nick Snider. Snider, a 2002 business graduate, advanced from the days … Read More