Fall 2002

Farming a Dream

October 1, 2002 |

It’s less than a quarter of a mile from the highway, up the gravel road and over the railroad tracks to Elaine May’s world. To the untrained eye, the 92-acre spread where she lives and works looks like nothing more … Read More

Extra Credit: Brennan Hill

October 1, 2002 |

In August, theology professor Brennan Hill released his latest book, Eight Spiritual Heroes: Their Search for God. He dedicated the book to his brother-in-law, Michael Lynch, a 33-year-old fireman in New York City’s theater district who was killed at the World Trade … Read More

Dog-Eared Books

October 1, 2002 |

Dan Jones knows the frustrations of buying college textbooks—long lines, too expensive.

“I bought my biology book for $100, and then I couldn’t sell it back,” he says.

So he’s helping others eliminate the problem. The 1998 graduate is an … Read More

Cross Examination

October 1, 2002 |

When students returned this fall, they were greeted with new additions to the classrooms—crosses. These are more than just your standard crucifixes that previously hung in the rooms, though. These are art.

Artist David Carmele created eight modern versions of … Read More

Crafting Clay

October 1, 2002 |

Target sells them for $25. Williams-Sonoma sells them for $100. But when Terri Kern sells a teapot, it goes for as much as $1,800. That’s because her teapots aren’t simple beverage containers. They’re works of art.

Working just a few … Read More

Citizen X

October 1, 2002 |

The University created a new collaborative this summer that will be a catalyst for fulfilling the “University as citizen” vision of University President Michael J. Graham, S.J.

The Community Building Collaborative at Xavier, known as CBCX, has two goals: One, … Read More


October 1, 2002 |

The Rev. Gary Agee, pastor of the Hopewell First Church of God in West Chester, Ohio, and 1996 graduate of the master’s program in theology, is taking a spiritual look at the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Agee compiled a book … Read More

At Death’s Door

October 1, 2002 |

For nearly four months, Joel Feaster II was surrounded by death. An agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Manhattan office, Feaster spent his working hours at the morgue where all victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the … Read More

Alma Matters

October 1, 2002 |

Parental Interest: Like a Good Neighbor When Michelle Broestl enrolled at Xavier, she wasn’t aware that somebody else from her hometown of Enon, Ohio, just north of Dayton, was also going to be a freshman that fall. It’s a small town, … Read More

African Odyssey

October 1, 2002 |

Patrick Nugent knew he and his family were in for eye-opening experiences when they decided to move to Kenya for three years to work for the Friends Theological College, a Quaker school that prepares students for Christian ministry. Only they … Read More