Building Unity

January 1, 2010 |

We are all created in God’s image, the Scriptures tell us, and it’s a message University President Michael J. Graham, S.J., takes to heart—and puts into action. In his nine years at the University, Graham has led a number of … Read More

Extra Credit

October 1, 2009 |

In May 2007, Leo Klein was looking forward to a sabbatical. Since coming to Xavier in 1970, he not only taught, but he also served as chair of the Department of Theology, director for campus ministry, rector of Xavier’s Jesuit … Read More

Teacher of the Year

July 1, 2009 |

Assistant professor of history Kathleen Smythe is the Bishop Fenwick Teacher of the Year. The award is given by the Xavier chapter of Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit honor society, to a professor who has a profound impact on a … Read More

Classroom Debate

April 1, 2009 |

Conventional wisdom and Rush Limbaugh have it that college professors are politically liberal. If so, that begs the question: How much influence do those leftist-leaning faculty members have over their vulnerable, easily influenced students? When it comes to influencing political … Read More

Manatees Revisited

January 1, 2009 |

Six years after starting his research into the ways of the shy, elusive manatee, professor of biology Chuck Grossman is diving into waves of new discoveries. This year, he and his students are analyzing the animals’ high-frequency squeaks and squawks … Read More

Life and Half-Life

January 1, 2009 |

In November 2007, Terry Toepker went to his doctor for a routine physical. Within minutes of diagnosing a heart fibrillation, the doctor packed him off to see a cardiologist, who ordered up two days of stress tests to check for … Read More

King Revival

January 1, 2009 |

Cincinnati’s legendary King Records may get a new lease on life, thanks in part to Xavier’s Department of Art. The University and the art faculty are exploring a partnership with the Evanston Community Council and its Flavor of Art Studio, … Read More

San Damiano, San Rufino: Bringing Lessons to Life

October 2, 2008 |

SAN DAMIANO During her sophomore year at Xavier, Lauren Myers went to a psychic with some friends from school. It was just for fun. The woman asked her a few questions then told Lauren, “There’s something missing, something off track … Read More

La Verna, Basilica: Bringing Lessons to Life

October 2, 2008 |

LA VERNA Inching her way out on the ledge, Margie Hardebeck steadies herself by the railing and gazes at the sacred rock. She’s standing on the precipice across from where Francis, just two years before he died, received the wounds … Read More

The Biker

October 1, 2008 |

Lots of college students take time off to travel, but David Johnson’s getaway was radical. Johnson, who is the new director for the Peace and Justice Programs, had an uncle once tell him that in one’s 20s is the time … Read More