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BrewCakes: A tasty blend of business, beer and cupcakes

The taste of a good craft beer is hard to resist. And cupcakes are too. So it makes sense that the two, if brewed together correctly, could make a perfectly delectable dessert.

At least that’s what Emma Royan and Sarah Kinisky thought when they met over a beer one day after work. So they took their thought to the kitchen, and the outcome was the birth of BrewCakes, a business devoted to the irresistibility of cupcakes made with beer. And so far, their plans of world domination by batter and booze have been working out.

Featuring seasonal and traditional flavors, each cupcake recipe is inspired by a different craft beer and includes a shot of liquor in its filling. Royan and Kinisky even have a special place in their ovens for Xavier fans: The Xavier Blue Velvet cupcake is a red velvet Rivertown Hop Bomber IPA cupcake dyed to a perfect Xavier blue. It’s filled with a white chocolate vodka ganache and topped with a vodka-based vanilla buttercream. Xavier’s blue color, the women say, took them hours to perfect.

Together, Kinisky and Royan—like their beer and cake recipes—forge a formidable business partnership. Royan, who works as a special education teacher at a charter school, draws on her communication skills to control the marketing side. And Kinisky, who works as an accountant for Nestle, uses her background in math to figure the company’s financials.

“You know your job is awesome when your bar tab is a work-related tax deduction,” says Royan.


Emma and Sarah’s Favorite BrewCakes

Irish Beer Bomb

A chocolate cupcake made with Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s Conway Irish Ale. Filled with a chocolate ganache whisky shot and topped off with Baily’s Irish buttercream frosting.

The Morning After

A light pancake cupcake made with Rogue Voodoo Donut beer and filled with homemade alcoholic blueberry jam and a maple syrup float. Topped with maple buttercream frosting and bacon.