Xavier Magazine

Gone Fishin’

When Tyler Styons and Ian Goddard came to Xavier three years ago, they couldn’t find a club sports team that fit their interests. Hockey? No. Lacrosse? Nah. Rowing? Pass. So they got together and created their own—the Xavier Bass Fishing Club.


And they are doing very well, thank you. They’ve recruited eight others to the team and fish in about a half dozen tournaments a year. In fact, the pair just returned from the National Guard FLW College Fishing Northern Conference Championship on Philpott Lake in Martinsville, Va.—a trip that, well, wasn’t their most successful on many fronts.

Goddard’s 2000 Saturn broke down on a mountain road somewhere in the middle of the 423-mile drive, and he had to sell it for a couple hundred bucks and rent a car just to make it to the tournament. They missed practice and finished last, hooking just three fish in two days.

“Plus we don’t have a lot of experience fishing deep clear lakes,” says Goddard.

It’s hard to practice on campus since the only place with water deep enough to drop a line is the fountain along the Academic Mall, and that’s only two feet deep. So they must head out to local parks to practice. But that’s all part of the fun, he says