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Home Sweet Home

October 1, 2010 |

Former men’s basketball coach Skip Prosser used to tell the story about trying to recruit players to Xavier before the Cintas Center was built. The Cincinnati Gardens was the team’s home court at the time, so he’d drive them over … Read More

Mack Attack

July 2, 2009 |

The more things change, the more, it seems, they stay the same.

In May, men’s basketball coach Sean Miller announced he was leaving to take the head coaching job at the University of Arizona, leaving Xavier to search for its … Read More

The Monk Next Door

July 1, 2009 |

For a year and a half I lived next door to a Tibetan monk. While this might not be unusual in Tibet, it’s not what one expects in suburban Cincinnati. Still, it was an interesting—if not enlightening—experience.

Consider, for instance, the … Read More

Serving Others Fit to a T

July 1, 2009 |

When I was in high school, we had a “College T-shirt Day,” in which those who were going to college were encouraged to wear a T-shirt showing the school they were attending. The chosen day was around the same time … Read More

Loftier Dreams of Dorm Living

July 1, 2009 |

Early in my freshman year, my roommate, John, and I pooled together what little funds we had, trekked off to the local home improvement store and picked up some lumber, a handful of bolts and some wood stain. We had … Read More

College, Then and Now

July 1, 2009 |

I suppose what I did was illegal. Still, considering the circumstances and the fact that it was 2:00 a.m., it seemed justifiable. Especially to a college student. When you’re 20 years old, logic and law don’t always exist in parallel … Read More

The Art of Living

July 1, 2009 |

My freshman year of college, I was walking down the main street that served as a connector/demilitarized zone between the campus and the city where it was located when I was stopped by a homeless person. By that point in … Read More

Personality Profiling

July 1, 2009 |

A number of years ago I lived in a large apartment complex in the suburbs—a residence that, how should I say, sometimes made sleeping a challenge. People would come and go at all hours of the night, doors would slam, … Read More

Saving a City

July 1, 2009 |

One afternoon during my freshman year I walked back to my dorm room after finishing classes for the day. No sooner did I close the door and lay down my backpack than I heard a door slam and a knock … Read More

Saturdays in the Fall

July 1, 2009 |

During my freshman year of college, the university awoke one morning to find the grassy hill that served as the center of campus covered with several hundred pink flamingos—not the real ones, but those tacky plastic ones typically found in … Read More