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Minister of Justice

January 1, 2012 |

Before becoming a Quaker minister and devoting his life to contemplative prayer and pacifism, Patrick Nugent was just another Xavier student protesting the abysmal state of campus dining. “Everything was mushy and squishy, overcooked and over-boiled. It was awful.”

But … Read More

Freedom Found

January 1, 2012 |

It’s not every day that a second-year law student can moonlight as a private investigator. But that’s exactly what Dan O’Brien was doing in the office of an insurance agent who was also an alternate suspect in a double homicide. … Read More

Rap Beat

January 1, 2012 |

In 1985 Soren Baker was just another white kid growing up in Baltimore, rocking out to Poison, Motley Crue and his dad’s Beatles albums. Then a friend gave him a cassette tape that turned his world upside down. It featured … Read More

For the Record

October 1, 2011 |

Steve Smith has spent time in a lot of bars in Los Angeles. He’s hit the honky tonks in Nashville and dove into the dives of New York—all in the name of work, of course. It’s a rough job, he … Read More

Fishing Lesson

October 1, 2011 |

The way history professor Todd Larson sees it, you can learn a lot about America from a fishing rod. And to prove his point, he reaches into his bag and pulls out a rod from the 1840s called the Porter … Read More

Olympic Spirit

October 1, 2011 |

If Collin Brum has a knack for planning big events, it’s a skill he first developed during his college days. As chairman of special events for the Student Activities Council, the entrepreneurial studies and marketing major convinced the likes of … Read More

Poets Gone Wild

July 1, 2011 |

Ty Roth doesn’t just have students sitting in his classroom. He has a target audience. The high school English teacher in Port Clinton, Ohio, recently landed a hefty advance and a two-book deal with Delacorte, a Random House imprint, to … Read More

Profile: Josh Spring

July 1, 2011 |

JOSH SPRING Bachelor of Social Work, 2007 Executive Director, Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless Cincinnati

The Making of a Social Worker | The son of a pastor, Josh Spring spent the first part of his life in the rural … Read More

Cooks and Crooks

July 1, 2011 |

Michael McDaniel got his bachelor’s in philosophy and history at Xavier in 1965, but he earned his gastronomy degree off campus—in the basement kitchen of a house he shared with 14 international roommates.

“My mom was a stay-at-home mom,” he … Read More

Profile: Debe Terhar

July 1, 2011 |

DEBE TERHAR Bachelor of Science in education, 2001 President, Ohio Board of Education Cincinnati

First a Parent | As a mother of four, Debe Terhar stayed plenty busy. But when the kids grew up, she finally had some time on … Read More