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Xavier Magazine | November 15, 2018

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Xavier Magazine

Thad Hopes to Win When it Matters Most: In March

July 1, 2001 |

Conduct an autopsy on the Skip Prosser era and you’ll find the remains of a hale and hearty program. During his seven years as coach of the men’s basketball team, the Musketeers won 20 or more games six times, beat … Read More

Queen City Services

July 1, 2001 |

Queen City Service M.B.A. students Wendell Hull, Jeff Terlinden, Houston Mason and Tom Armstrong spent the semester working on a service-learning project—and trying to help their hometown. The trio were consultants for KnowledgeWorks, an Ohio foundation that supports education initiatives. Their … Read More

Have Carts, Will Travel

July 1, 2001 |

Trying to keep pace with the latest in high-tech educational tools, the University purchased two wireless computer carts for use starting this fall. The carts, which will carry up to 30 laptop computers, turn regular classrooms into computer labs. Through … Read More

Murder Proves Academic

July 1, 2001 |

Credit O.J. Simpson with creating some of the University’s most popular classes. The messy murders, dream-team lawyers and Inspector Clouseau-style police work brought to everyone’s attention the fascinating world of forensic science.

DNA testing, bullet and weapon breakdowns, organic and … Read More

X Files

July 1, 2001 |

Horsin’ Around

After 22 years of teaching art, Roberta Thies took her skills into another arena—a riding arena. The 1972 graduate co-founded Cincinnati Riding for the Handicapped in 1985, a non-profit organization that teaches horseback riding to disabled children and … Read More

Weekend Degree Graduate Fulfills Personal Goal

July 1, 2001 |

When he began classes at Xavier, Robert Limoseth set a unique goal for himself—he wanted to graduate with a better GPA than his daughter had when she graduated college. Not only did Limoseth achieve this goal when he graduated summa … Read More

Presidential Inauguration Set for September

July 1, 2001 |

Michael J. Graham, S.J., will celebrate his formal start as Xavier’s 34th president on the site where the institution began in 1831. His inaugural Mass will take place in the St. Xavier Church in downtown Cincinnati at 2:00 p.m. on … Read More

President and Police

July 1, 2001 |

Xavier University President Michael J. Graham, S.J., gave the keynote address to the 90th graduating class of the Cincinnati Police Academy on Friday, June 16. In the address, given at the Masonic Temple in downtown Cincinnati, Graham encouraged the 29 … Read More

Musketeer Rooms Fill Bedroom Community

July 1, 2001 |

Finding a hotel with a Xavier connection isn’t as difficult as you might think. That’s because M.B.A. graduates John Sweetwood and Steve Porter oversee some of the largest chains in the country.

As president of the Americas Division of Bass … Read More

Memorable Mortarboards

July 1, 2001 |

Graduation day wouldn’t be complete without a compelling story. Here are two from this year’s commencement, the first held in the Cintas Center:

• Rickie Bell spent the last eight years attending Xavier during the day and working nights as a … Read More

Hottest Job at the Airport

July 1, 2001 |

Strangely enough, it was a trip to the barber that inspired Steven Petty to become a fireman.

“I was driving home when I saw some firemen at a practice fire,” says Petty, a 1998 graduate of the weekend degree program. … Read More

Hamergren’s Chief Rewards

July 1, 2001 |

Becoming a chief executive officer has given John Hammergren a taste of the celebrity life. But he insists that others deserve the glamour more than he does. “It’s important to surround yourself with people you believe in,” he says, “then … Read More

Flying with NASA

July 1, 2001 |

Ann Thompson, a producer at the WVXU 91.7 FM, will be accompanying a team of University of Cincinnati students to NASA headquarters in Houston, Texas on Aug. 9 to document their participation in the “NASA Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities … Read More

Father Hoff Says Goodbye

July 1, 2000 |

From Xavier magazine, Fall 2000 By James E. Hoff, S.J.

My final months as president will be a marvelous opportunity to thank many people for their great contributions to the University. As I reflect on my years at Xavier, I become more … Read More