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Xavier Magazine | December 17, 2018

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Winter 2011

Vince Presutti and Roberto Gambini

January 2, 2011 |

Before Joe Marcello, the underboss for the Marcello family, America’s oldest crime syndicate, started dealing with Presutti, he needed to know if he was a real criminal. So he sent his friend Roberto Gambini up to New York to find out. “We … Read More

What a Card

January 2, 2011 |

Just a year ago, Karen Gladstone’s life was normal. Good, but normal. She had a decent advertising career in Chicago, great family and kind friends. She ate the food she liked, listened to music she enjoyed and wore clothes that suited … Read More

Where are They Now?

January 2, 2011 |

Jack Thobe, 1962

The first time Jack Thobe ever flew on a plane, he was 18 years old. It was 1958, and Xavier was in the National Invitation Tournament in New York. Thobe sat in the stands at Madison … Read More

The Man Who Brought Down the Mob

January 2, 2011 |

It was midnight when Marcello called. Vincent Presutti was asleep in a New Orleans hotel room, with a gun in a bag by his bed. Joe Marcello, the underboss for the Marcello family, America’s oldest crime … Read More

The Many Faces of Vince Presutti

January 2, 2011 |

In his professional life, Vincent Presutti has been Anthony Piccone and Vincenzo Pascione. He’s been a money launderer, an international drug runner, contract killer, car thief, organized crime associate, arsonist, extortionist and arms dealer. He’s been all of these, and he’s … Read More

Vince Presuitt and the Barry Seal killers

January 2, 2011 |

When Vincent Presutti was a student at Xavier, he took a class from psychology professor Earl Kronenberger, who used to teach about intuition—or as he called it, “the little professor.” The young Presutti took the lesson to heart, and listening … Read More

Vince Presutti and Juan Jose Zuniga

January 2, 2011 |

Many of the cases Vince Presutti worked during his 25 years as an FBI agent involved split-second decisions. One such decision, which would determine the fate of an 11-month old baby, had to be made in the time it took to … Read More

Speaking of Speakers

January 1, 2011 |

John Boehner, a 1977 Xavier business graduate, was re-elected in November to his post as U.S. Representative for the 8th District of Ohio. But Boehner won more than just an election. His win springs him into one of the most … Read More

Xavier: Turf and Time Upgrades

January 1, 2011 |

Xavier’s boys of summer were off for the fall, so the Department of Athletics brought in the sod squad in October to do some major renovations to Hayden Field. The crew ripped up the old baseball field and recrowned it for … Read More

Xavier’s Health Related Programs

January 1, 2011 |

Pre-med | By any measure, the pre-med program is among the nation’s elite. Its 81-percent acceptance rate for medical school applicants far exceeds the national rate of 47 percent.

Health Services Administration | The graduate program is ranked No. 1 among the … Read More

World View

January 1, 2011 |

As businesses and organizations become more international, Xavier is looking to keep pace, making sure as many international opportunities are offered to students as possible.

The push began in the summer with the hiring of a new executive director for … Read More

Warm Memories

January 1, 2011 |

Were it not for some clutch matchmaking by his lifelong pal Mike McDonald, Tom Carns may never have met Karen Maschmeyer—and hundreds of Cincinnati school children may never have felt the relief of their generosity.

Carns was a sophomore at Xavier … Read More

The Hand of Hope

January 1, 2011 |

Several images come to mind when Rob Seddon thinks of South Africa— smiling faces, friendly gatherings, rural vistas. But the one that stays is one he has seen again and again—someone dying of AIDS. Just hours after arriving in Mamelodi Township, … Read More

Aiding Autism

January 1, 2011 |

If Hillary Ran had a thinner skin, she might have been offended when an autistic 4-year-old so detested her singing that it warranted forming his first complete sentence: “Stop singing, Hillary!” But instead of taking it personally, Ran used it … Read More

A Cup of Tea

January 1, 2011 |

Since its opening earlier this year, the Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice has actively expanded the presence of faith and openness on campus. But arguably its greatest effort to date was the hosting of New York Times bestselling … Read More