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Xavier Magazine | January 19, 2019

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Winter 2008

Lighting the Way

January 2, 2008 |

With the advent of new and better medications, the AIDS crisis in America has become a backburner issue. But while Americans have become somewhat numb to it, the disease has reached pandemic proportions in other parts of the world—particularly in … Read More

The Greening of Xavier

January 2, 2008 |

n a quiet office in Xavier’s physical plant, Thomas Kearns and Stephen Erwin take a break from a whirlwind round of meetings. The men, principals in the Boston-based design firm Shepley Bulfinch Richardson & Abbott, are completing a two-day visit … Read More

Welcome to Africa

January 2, 2008 |

By Sarah Hohl I love Africa. It’s wild, undeveloped and beautiful. It’s also violent, impoverished and dangerous. It’s a place that has changed my life, giving me direction and meaning. And it’s a place that almost killed me.

Not everyone … Read More

The Producer

January 1, 2008 |

Alice Rastani has a deep appreciation for Cincinnati history. As a member of the Xavier community for 33 years, the administrative assistant in the College of Social Sciences, Health and Education has watched the University grow to a nationally known … Read More

The Planner

January 1, 2008 |

Tom Merrill is a planner. In addition to his duties as the director for choral activities in Xavier’s department of music, he directs the choir at Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church. Every summer, he pores through stacks of sheet music at … Read More

Profile: Julianne Smith

January 1, 2008 |

JULIANNE SMITH Bachelor of Arts in French and Communications, 1991, Director and senior fellow, Europe Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C.

Small-Town Girl | Julianne Smith always figured her love of theater, public speaking and debate would lead … Read More

The Explorer

January 1, 2008 |

Dana Tindall is never alone in his office. The associate director for client services shares his workspace with the Cleaver family—Ward, June, Wally and “the Beav”—and their chairs. The Cleavers don’t take up much room, but as components of Tindall’s … Read More

Profile: Nancy Kinman

January 1, 2008 |

NANCY KINMAN Master of Business Administration, 1990 Vice President, Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati

The Business Woman | Kinman manages the product support and implementation team for commercial operations at Fifth Third. “We provide companies the tools that allow them to manage … Read More

The Calming Influence

January 1, 2008 |

The fabric of Betty Porter’s life is rich with threads of theology, music and service. Her desire to share in these areas recently led Porter, a discovery services librarian at Xavier, to become a certified music practitioner, a recognition gained … Read More

Profile: Vince Caponi

January 1, 2008 |

VINCE CAPONI Bachelor of Arts in History, 1972 CEO, St. Vincent Health, Indianapolis

Network Builder | Caponi has served as chief executive officer of St. Vincent Health since 1998. During his tenure, St. Vincent has grown from a campus in Indianapolis … Read More

Safety Angels

January 1, 2008 |

The last thing Ginny Frings remembers as she headed home with her twin toddlers tucked safely in their car seats was pumping gas at a Shell station, getting coffee at a drive-through and merging back onto the highway. She was … Read More

Roving Science

January 1, 2008 |

Tony Stentz’s first unmanned vehicle was a 1986 Chevy van that moved a whopping one inch per second. He and his colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University would sit in the back with their computers, shipping instructions to the van as … Read More

Profile: Tito Castillo

January 1, 2008 |

TITO CASTILLO Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Administration, 1968 Retired principal, Fern Creek Traditional High School, Louisville, Ky.

Go West | Castillo arrived in the United States from his native Republic of the Philippines in 1967 to teach at St. Henry … Read More

Roman Inroads

January 1, 2008 |

University President Michael J. Graham, S.J., led a delegation of six University representatives to Rome in October to participate in the inaugural lay conference on Catholic-Jewish relations and, among their many activities, meet Pope Benedict XVI.

Joining Graham were Rabbi … Read More

Play Ball

January 1, 2008 |

Tim Nichting found himself back in the World Series this year. It was the third trip for the former Xavier catcher. Not a bad accomplishment. Most people are thrilled to make it once.

OK, OK, so he wasn’t exactly in … Read More