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Xavier Magazine | April 21, 2018

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Winter 2004

Take Two

January 1, 2004 |

On March 6, less than a year after graduating, 2nd Lt. Joanna Brown—the ROTC student whose picture graced the cover of the Spring 2002 edition of Xavier magazine—landed in Iraq. Everything went well until Aug. 30, when Iraqi militants attacked … Read More

Song of India

January 1, 2004 |

Jeff Hutchinson first heard the call of India when studying world religions in high school. It grew stronger during his years at the University, particularly when the 1998 graduate listened to theology professor Paul Knitter recount his own personal and … Read More

Shaping a Vision

January 1, 2004 |

I remember my first Literary Illness class, a curiously named component of Xavier’s graduate program in English. What immediately caught—and apparently too long held—my attention that evening was not so much the course’s content, but the physical state of my … Read More

Sculpting a Way of Life

January 1, 2004 |

Echoing from the perimeter of the gloomy, old structure with tinted windows, the sounds of hammering and drilling are all too familiar. The polished smoke stacks hint at the progress inside, where the hardened workers begin their daily routine. Cringing … Read More

Planting Flowers

January 1, 2004 |

Most days, Ruth Graf’s house is full of dogs. Big dogs. Little dogs. Black dogs. Brown dogs. Dogs with wiry hair. Dogs with smooth hair. Dogs. They roam the backyard and make her Ledgewood Avenue house easy to spot. About … Read More

Parental Interest

January 1, 2004 |

It was all for one and one for all at Family Weekend in October, when the annual Musketeer Madness athletics celebration was held for the first time during the parents’ and siblings’ annual visit to campus. Students and their families … Read More

Paddling with Purpose

January 1, 2004 |

Drew Peters wants to provide a better future for some New Mexico schoolchildren. So in July, the 1999 graduate kicked off a personal fundraising campaign. His method: paddling a 15-foot canoe on a 290-mile river trek through his home state … Read More

Movie Madness

January 1, 2004 |

Jim Amatulli shot his first film as a communications major back in 1969. It was a romantic drama about a lovelorn medieval warrior who dashes around a castle trying to soothe his broken heart with his sword. From that point … Read More

More Moore

January 1, 2004 |

Filmmaker and author Michael Moore was on campus in October where he spoke to more than 4,000 people and signed copies of his book Dude, Where’s My Country? His first book, Stupid White Men, was on the New York Times’ bestseller list, and … Read More

Moonlight in London

January 1, 2004 |

Since 1978, John LaRocca, S.J., has kept up with his good friend Gracie Finch. He’s read about her latest doings on his annual summer sojourns to London, where he moonlights as a parish priest in the immigrant working-class neighborhood of … Read More

Making House Calls

January 1, 2004 |

Dr. Douglas A. Magenheim’s patients always know how to reach him. And that’s exactly the way he wants it. Last March, the 1997 M.B.A. graduate opened My Doctor, a boutique medical practice in Greater Cincinnati that guarantees physician access 24 … Read More

Letters to the Editor

January 1, 2004 |

The Major Leagues First of all, I enjoy reading Xavier and look forward to each issue. In fact, when I attended my 40th anniversary last year, I was pleased to be a part of a focus panel regarding the magazine.

Read More

Intro to Children’s Lit

January 1, 2004 |

Betty Porter knows how to give books the royal treatment, so to speak. As a member of Reviewers of Young Adult Literature (ROYAL), the assistant director for education services often spends her evenings reading—and writing about—children’s books. And the result … Read More

Improving the Beat

January 1, 2004 |

Assistant professor of biology Lisa Close-Jacob once swerved into a White Castle for a cup of coffee on her way to work and scared the wits out of the woman at the drive-up window. After handing Close-Jacob her coffee, the … Read More


January 1, 2004 |

For one horrifying weekend this summer, sophomore Mary Kate Rosfelder’s life was one scary scene after another. She studied movie directing at a horror film camp, helping shoot part of the short film “Gloom” in which a killer stalks a … Read More