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Xavier Magazine | December 13, 2018

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Summer 2006

Eating Fresh

July 1, 2006 |

Xavier students waited nearly four years to eat fresh. When they finally got their chance with the opening of a Subway restaurant in the Gallagher Student Center on Nov. 28, they ate their way to a sales record, and it … Read More

Diversity in Dialogue

July 1, 2006 |

The Brueggeman Center for Dialogue is built around the idea of diverse perspectives, and others are taking note. The center received a Building Bridges Award from the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati for its efforts in fostering interfaith dialogue, understanding … Read More

Commencement Countdown

July 1, 2006 |

Before students even graduate, they are ushered into the alumni ranks in late March during Commencement Countdown. This two-day event takes place in a booth-lined Cintas Center where seniors can get everything they need to graduate. They can purchase caps … Read More

Comfort Food

July 1, 2006 |

During an internship at St. Vincent’s Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Kathleen Zachary walked into the room of a young boy with cancer who was confined to his bed after a bone marrow transplant. Zachary discovered it was the boy’s fourth … Read More

Collector’s Item

July 1, 2006 |

In addition to electronic reserves, printed journals and reference books, the University library also has an impressive number of private letters from Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States. Jackson sent 23 letters between 1811 and 1844 to … Read More

Brush with Cancer

July 1, 2006 |

By the time Richard Toohey got to know the radium dial painters, many were old and suffering from cancer. Others were already dead.

The women were casualties of World Wars I and II—at least indirectly. During the wars, women were … Read More

Book Drive

July 1, 2006 |

Betty Porter simply wanted to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. She had no idea her effort would involve several months, hundreds of people, thousands of books and a semi-truck driven by a guy named Chuck.

Porter, an assistant director in … Read More

Alumni in Action

July 1, 2006 |

The Cincinnati chapter has often planned its fall event at a local winery but decided that a change of venue was in order to attract a wider audience. So the chapter abandoned wine and opted for its frothy distant cousin. … Read More

A Tale of Three Statues

July 1, 2006 |

Everyone coming to the Cintas Center is greeted by the statue of D’Artagnan, the most famous musketeer in 17th-century France immortalized by Alexander Dumas in The Three Musketeers. D’Artagnan has been Xavier’s mascot since 1925 when Francis Finn, S.J., proposed the … Read More

Profile: Michael Lundy

July 1, 2006 |

Michael Lundy Master of Public Administration, 1987 | Executive Director for the Huntsville (Ala.) Housing Authority

Early Years | Lundy spent part of his childhood in Findlater Gardens, a public housing development in Cincinnati, before his parents were able to save … Read More

Profile: Tim Burke

July 1, 2006 |

Tim Burke Bachelor of Arts in political science, 1970 | Chairman, Hamilton County Democratic Party; chairman, Hamilton County Board of Elections; partner, Manley Burke LPA, Cincinnati

Political Junkie | When he was 12 years old, Burke was smitten by presidential candidate … Read More

Profile: Dianne M. Runk, M.D.

July 1, 2006 |

Dianne M. Runk, M.D. Bachelor of Science in chemistry, 1989 | General surgeon, breast cancer specialist; Cincinnati

Visionary |Runk told her parents when she was in fifth grade she wanted to go to medical school.

Nova Knowledge | “My pediatrician was … Read More

Profile: Robert E. Manley

July 1, 2006 |

Robert E. Manley Bachelor of Science in economics, 1956 Partner, Manley Burke LPA, Cincinnati Deceased March 2006, age 70

Latin Roots | A sixth-grade course in Latin American geography triggered Manley’s lifelong fascination with South American culture that was later accelerated … Read More

Profile: Cliff Kersker

July 1, 2006 |

Cliff Kersker Master of Business Administration, 2001 | President, Graphel Corp., West Chester, Ohio

Upward Bound | In 1980, Kersker began working as a machine operator at Graphel Corp., which provides electrodes and machining services to the electric discharge machine industry. … Read More

Raising the Bar

July 1, 2006 |

The 1831 Society enjoyed a fourth-straight record-shattering year. This year, society members contributed more than $2 million to the University’s annual fund, up 40 percent over last year, says Leigh Ann Fibbe, assistant director for the annual fund. And membership … Read More