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Xavier Magazine | December 17, 2018

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Summer 2004

Presidential Performance

October 1, 2004 |

On Tuesday, May 4, department of music faculty member Dawn Stone sang a selection of show tunes and patriotic songs for a crowd of more than 2,500 people gathered in Lebanon, Ohio, to greet the arrival of President George W. … Read More

Closing a Circle

October 1, 2004 |

Kenneth Francis Sieve died in 1982, much too soon for his then-12-year-old son David. As the years went by, David, now a major in the U.S. Air Force, found himself wanting more details of his dad’s life. So last year, … Read More

Cloning Around

October 1, 2004 |

When little Nemo’s dad sinks to the darkest depths of the ocean in the Disney movie “Finding Nemo,” he comes fin to fang with one scary-looking character—an angler fish. With its oversized jaws, big eyes and mangled teeth, the angler … Read More


July 2, 2004 |

In the hard light of a March afternoon, the dusty TransNica tour bus pulls into a tiny village on the border of El Salvador. The 14-hour trip from Managua, Nicaragua, has had a numbing effect—the constant hum of the road; … Read More


July 2, 2004 |

A Magic Season The Xavier men’s basketball team’s remarkable rise to the top this season began, of all places, at the bottom. The amazing run that culminated in the most successful season in Xavier history started not on the mountain … Read More

Profile: Drew Myers

July 1, 2004 |

Drew Myers: Master of Business Administration, 1999 | President and owner of RecruitMilitary and Alumni for Life, Cincinnati

Taking Charge | After seven years in the United States Marine Corps and seven more as a consultant, Myers became his own … Read More

Profile: Jill Yungbluth

July 1, 2004 |

Jill Yungbluth: Bachelor of Arts in psychology 1999 | Executive director of the Center for Peace Education, Cincinnati

Immersion | Unsure about what she wanted to do, Yungbluth took a job after graduation with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Spokane, … Read More

Profile: Daniel C. Shannon, M.D

July 1, 2004 | | 2 Comments

Daniel C. Shannon, M.D.: Class of 1957; honorary bachelor of arts and doctoral degrees, 1978 | Founding chief of pediatric pulmonary unit, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

Early Start | A Cincinnati native, Shannon was in his third year at Xavier … Read More

Profile: Sam Ross

July 1, 2004 |

Sam Ross: Master of Business Administration, 1973 | Co-owner of HealthPro Brands, Cincinnati

One and Done | A native of Compton, Calif., Ross received his bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Cal-State University in 1970 and headed straight Cincinnati for … Read More

Money Man

July 1, 2004 |

For Mike Bobinski, it’s always been about the money. Not the grubby, greedy kind, but the kind that makes it possible for people to be their best and institutions to do good work. So the man best known for his … Read More

Free Money

July 1, 2004 |

Whoever said nothing is free has never met Terry Horan. The president of Horan Associates Inc. has been converting free throws by men’s basketball players into free money for deserving Xavier scholarship students.

For each of the last three seasons, … Read More

Delivering Dreams

July 1, 2004 |

Steven Durkee has a sense of history, so he’s looking to the future. Even though the 1996 graduate still has a few years left before retirement, he and his wife Kathy decided to plan ahead by arranging to leave a … Read More

Controlled Chaos

July 1, 2004 |

Only a few hours before converging on the Georgia Dome to watch the Musketeers play the University of Texas in the NCAA Sweet 16, Xavier students, alumni and friends gathered at the Wyndham Atlanta hotel to prepare.

Considered the largest … Read More

Speaking of Change

July 1, 2004 |

Until now, students who took language courses below the level at which they tested did so sans credit. For some, the value of auditing such a course to brush up on their knowledge of French or Spanish was nada—a waste … Read More

Education Ace

July 1, 2004 |

Marketing professor Tom Hayes has been named an ACE Fellow for 2004-2005 by the American Council on Education, which identifies and prepares promising faculty and senior administrators for high-level positions in college and university administration. Hayes is among 35 fellows … Read More